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20050921: Killer as evil as Yorkshire Ripper Ireland Serial Killer News
Revealed for the first time: Murdering fiend's 40-year reign of rape and terror

A SERIAL sex beast branded "as evil as the Yorkshire Ripper" will die in jail for the murder of a girl of 14.

Robert Howard was caged in 2003 for strangling Hannah Williams with a length of rope.

But a judge ordered his conviction and "whole life" sentence kept secret because he still faced other sex charges.

Those charges were dropped yesterday. And the horrific extent of Howard's reign of terror can now be revealed

Howard, 61, first struck 40 years ago, when he broke into a six- year-old girl's home, tried to rape her and subjected her to a vile sex attack.

The predator has been linked to at least eight more rapes or attempted rapes.

One of his victims was a 60-year-old virgin.


Police in Howard's native Ireland are to investigate whether he could be linked to a string of unsolved disappearances of young women.


And relatives of a 15-year-old girl who vanished in Belfast are convinced Howard killed her, even though he was acquitted in July of the crime.


A detective said: "Howard is an evil b ***** d - as evil as the Yorkshire Ripper. He is shrewd and cunning - the proverbial s *** house rat."


Drifter Howard lived in Drumchapel, Glasgow, in 1995. Locals drove him out after the Record exposed him as a pervert, but the experience did nothing to make him change his ways.


Howard moved to London and turned his attention to Hannah, a pal of his then girlfriend.


He used his lover's mobile to lure Hannah, who had learning difficulties, to a meeting in April 2001.


Police believe he then raped the trusting and defenceless girl before strangling her, wrapping her body in a blue tarpaulin and dumping her at an old cement works in Kent.


Detective superintendent Colin Murray, who led the hunt for Hannah's killer, said: "We say she resisted and that is why she died."


Hannah's corpse lay hidden for a year before a construction worker found it.


The length of rope used to kill her was still wrapped around her neck and her knickers were discovered nearby, cut into three pieces.


The body was too decomposed for police to find the killer's DNA. But there was circumstantial evidence against Howard.


Rope and tarpaulin similar to those used in the murder had been seen at the pervert's home and he knew the body site because he used to walk his dogs there


Police learned that Howard had indecently assaulted another young girl near the spot where Hannah was dumped. And the brute's trial heard that he had used rope in a similar way in another alleged sex attack on a teenage girl.


A jury at Maidstone Crown Court took just three hours to convict Howard of murder. Several jurors wept as the long list of his previous convictions was read out.


Mr Justice McKinnon recommended Howard never be freed.He told him: "There are no mitigating circumstances whatsoever.


"You are a danger to girls and women and have been for a long time."


Howard was back in the dock earlier this year, this time charged with murdering 15-year-old Arlene Arkinson in Ulster in 1994.


Belfast Crown Court heard that Howard gave Arlene a lift on the night she vanished. Her body has never been found.


Jurors cleared Howard in July of murdering Arlene.


Howard's first sex conviction came in 1965, when he was 19.


He broke into a six-year-old's London home, told her he was a doctor and ordered her to strip. He tried to rape her and carried out a brutal sex attack but was sentenced to just nine days in Borstal.


Three years later,Howard got six years' jail for the attempted rape of a young wife in her home in Durham. The victim fled naked into the street, where neighbours had to stop Howard attacking her.


Three more rape allegations against Howard were left on file.


Howard was deported back to Ireland after serving his sentence. And in 1974, he got 10 years for the rape of a 60-year-old virgin in Cork.


Again, he broke into his victim's house. He punched her in the face and mutilated her breasts before gagging her with her bedsheet and abusing her for five hours.


In 1991, a girl with learning difficulties accused Howard of violently abusing her in Dublin. Prosecutors decided the girl would not make a credible witness.


Two years later, a 16-year-old from County Tyrone told police Howard had kidnapped her, hung herupsidedown in awardrobeand forced her to carry out sex acts.


The beast tied a rope around the girl's neck and tightened it every time she said no to him.


She threw herself through a second-floor window to escape him.


Howard was cleared of raping the girl but convicted of unlawful sex and given a suspended sentence.


Until yesterday, Howard also faced charges of raping a schoolgirl in Northern Ireland in 1988.


But the case was dropped and the court order banning reports of Howard's crimes was lifted.


Police will now look over their lists of unsolved cases to check whether Howard may have been responsible for other disappearances of girls.


At least 12 such cases are outstanding in Ireland


20050921: Arlene accused had killed before Ireland Serial Killer News

A man acquitted of murdering Northern Ireland schoolgirl Arlene Arkinson is a convicted killer, child abuser and rapist, it has been revealed.
Robert Lesarian Howard's 40-year record was subject to a publicity ban for the past two years while he was before the courts in Northern Ireland.

However, reporting restrictions were lifted on Tuesday as other serious sex offences against him were dropped.

Howard, 61, is serving life for the rape and murder of a London schoolgirl.

In June, a jury acquitted Howard - by a majority verdict of 10 to two - of killing 15-year-old Arlene Arkinson in 1994.

Arlene vanished near her home in Castlederg after attending a disco at Bundoran in County Donegal with friends in August 1994. Howard, formerly lived in Main Street in Castlederg.

Extensive searches were carried out but no firm evidence of the teenager still being alive was ever found and her body has not been discovered.

As reporting restrictions were lifted at Belfast Crown Court, it emerged that Howard's criminal record dated back 40 years.

Arlene's sister, Kathleen, said the jury was unaware of Howard's criminal history and she did not blame any juror for the acquittal verdict.

"They knew nothing about him, nothing at all. And we were sitting there and we knew his past from we were in Kent," she said.

"We were like: 'My God, why can't they not let you know he is already doing life? Look at his convictions.' We were sitting frustrated. We felt like just roaring it out, but we couldn't."

Life sentence

Howard was convicted of murdering 15-year-old schoolgirl Hannah Williams and sentenced to life in October 2003. Her body was found in Kent.

The English court, which sentenced Howard, was allowed to hear a cross-over of evidence, unlike in Northern Ireland, to prove a "system" of how he groomed his victim through her mother or a friend, after attaching himself to the family.

Hannah was reported missing from Deptford in south London on 21 April 2001.

Her body, a rope tied around her head, was uncovered by workmen on the Channel Tunnel near Northfleet in Kent almost a year later.

Police in England and Ireland suspect Howard may be linked to the disappearance of up to six women.

It is understood that Irish police have reopened two missing person cases.

They are that of 21-year-old Jo Jo Dullard who vanished while hitching a lift to her home in County Kildare and that of Annie McCarrick, 26, who lived in Dublin. She went missing in 1993 while walking in County Wicklow.

Howard's record showed he was convicted of burglary when he was 13.

His sex crimes began when he was aged 19 in 1965, when he entered a six-year-old's bedroom pretending to be a doctor and was convicted of attempted unlawful carnal knowledge.

Four years later he was jailed for six years for the attempted rape of a woman after he broke into her Durham home.

In 1973, he raped a 58-year-old woman twice in her home after robbing her.

Howard then moved to the County Tyrone area, where in 1995 he was convicted of the unlawful carnal knowledge of a 16-year-old girl in the early 1990s.


20050920: Girl's killer serves life in jail Ireland Serial Killer News

A serial sex offender is serving life for murdering a 14-year-old south London schoolgirl, it can be reported two years after his conviction.
Robert Howard, 61, was found guilty in October 2003 of murdering Hannah Williams, from Deptford, whose body was found in a cement works in Kent.

The conviction could not be reported because he faced separate sex charges in Northern Ireland, now dropped.

Howard, 61, had a string of previous sex convictions dating back 40 years.

Hannah, who lived with her mother, disappeared from her home in April, 2001.

There was no trace of her for 10 months, until her badly decomposed body was discovered by a workman at the disused Blue Circle cement works in Northfleet, who spotted a foot sticking out of a roll of blue tarpaulin.

She had been strangled with a 12-metre rope, probably soon after she disappeared.

An investigation by Kent Police led to Howard, from Mottingham, south London, who had known Hannah since 1999 through her friendship with his girlfriend, who lived in Northfleet.

He was arrested on 23 March 2002, eight days after Hannah's body was found.

"Howard had a predatory interest in young teenage girls," said Det Insp Martyn Cochrane, who helped bring him to justice at Maidstone Crown Court.

"He plotted ways of being alone with them and was prepared to use extreme force to get what he wanted."

Police checks quickly revealed Howard, who came originally from the Irish Republic, had a history of offences against teenage girls stretching back to 1964.

He was not on the sex offenders register, which was set up in 1997, because his convictions in the UK dated from before then.

Earlier this year, a jury at Belfast Crown Court cleared him of murdering Co Tyrone teenager Arlene Arkinson.

The 15-year-old went missing in August 1994 but her body has never been found.

Howard faced further charges of serious sex offences in Belfast but on Tuesday, reporting restrictions were lifted after these charges were dropped.

"We are satisfied that we presented a compelling case which resulted in a unanimous guilty verdict for this evil man," said Det Insp Cochrane.


20050218: Reward For Alleged Serial Killer Doubled NM Albuquerque Serial Killer News
Federal authorities are now offering more money for information leading to the arrest of Phillip Williams, one of the most wanted men in the country.

Authorities are offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of Williams, who they call a serial rapist and murderer.

In August 2003, Williams' ex-girlfriend, Josephine Chacon, 36, was stabbed multiple times in the back, neck, arms and upper torso. Williams is law enforcement's prime suspect. She died from her injuries.

"He's a very violent person with a very violent history, and he must be apprehended," said U.S. Marshal Gordon Eden.

Williams' alleged habits include hiring prostitutes and then severely beating them, police said.

In Michigan, he has been arrested more than 30 times, including six arrests on rape charges.

Authorities now believe Williams is traveling the country and living in homeless shelters.

Police said they still believe Williams' car -- a two-door, 1987 red Ford Festiva -- is still in the Albuquerque area.

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