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Serial Killer

20050816: Rabat serial killer arrested Rabat Serial Killer News

Abdelali Amer, the alleged author of 14 murders, was arrested on Aug. 09. Four other people were subject to his aggression. He was brought before the Court of Appeal in the Moroccan capital Rabat, on Friday.

After killing fourteen people, Abdelali Amer, alias Boussemma, was finally detained in Rabat. Out of fear the inhabitants of Souika in Rabat and Bab Rahba in Salé decided not to return back to these places.

Abdelali Amer, a 44 year old had savagely slain 14 victims before depriving them of their possessions. The suspect committed his crimes along the coasts of Rabat and Salé, and the banks of Bouregreg River.

The police found a corpse violently bitten on Aug. 01 near the wholesale market in Akkari neighborhood in Rabat, and started a series of investigations. Meanwhile four murder attempts were fortunately prevented.

In 2004, he was released from prison after being charged with the raping of an old woman. It was at this time that he started a series of crimes. He chose different places to commit his murders. But they have all one common point: they were all deserted and rarely visited.

“He developed a feeling of hatred towards society. He feels that he was abandoned by his family. All his brothers went abroad. However, he couldn't obtain a passport because he was charged with a crime. His only sister, who took care of him, died. He found himself isolated and started his series of crimes”, said Moroccan French daily Le Matin.

Amer was the second infamous serial killer in Morocco after Abdelali Hida, the paedophile of Taroudante, was sentenced to death. He was charged with the violation and the killing of ten young children on Dec.2, 2004 by the Court of Appeal in Agadir.


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