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Serial Killer

20060727: Police: 2 Deaths May Be Work Of Serial Killer OH Cincinnati Serial Killer News

Cincinnati police said Wednesday that a serial killer might be responsible for two recent killings in which both victims' bodies were set on fire.

In May, the burned body of Sharee Crawford, 14, was discovered on a dead-end street in Avondale.

On June 15, the burned body of Mary Jo Newton, 45, was discovered just blocks away from Crawford's.
"It was burnt so much you could barely tell it was a human being," said Cincinnati police Capt. Steve Luebee. "Very seldom do we find a victim that's been totally destroyed in this fashion."

For the first time, police have publicly stated that the two crimes could be related, and that they could be searching for a serial killer.

"We don't want to find a third (victim)," Luebee told News 5. "We're kind of hoping someone will see this broadcast and something will click in their minds and they'll give us a call."

Luebee said it could be something very minor that leads police to the person or persons responsible for the crimes.

"A struggle, a guy carrying a container that could contain an accelerant -- just anything out of the ordinary," said Luebee.

Crawford's grandmother said she hopes police catch her granddaughter's killer soon.

"I don't know what justice is because you can't bring her back. That would be justice for me. But since I can't have her back, somebody has to suffer, too," said Patricia Crawford.

She said she's convinced the same person killed both victims.

"This is the same guy -- got to be," she said.

Police are asking anyone with information on the killings to call Crimestoppers at 352-3040.


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