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20070702: German suspected serial killer committed suicide Cologne Serial Killer News
A German truck driver accused of murdering five prostitutes during his trips around Europe was found dead on Monday after apparently taking his own life. Sources in the Bavarian justice department said Volker Eckert was found hanging in his cell at Bayreuth prison in Bavaria a day after his 48th birthday. Prosecutors spoke only of "an apparent suicide." Eckert faced charges of murdering a German schoolgirl in 1974 and three prostitutes in Spain and two in France between June 2001 and November 2006.

Eurojust, the European Union's judicial cooperation unit, had linked him to the deaths of 13 other prostitutes.

Investigations showed that Eckert lured the prostitutes into the cab of his truck then strangled them. He was arrested after being spotted on closed circuit TV in Spain trying to dispose of the body of one of his victims.

The accused's lawyer said the man had given no indication that he planned to take his life when he visited him in prison last Friday.


20070326: Suspected serial killer thought to be behind 19 murders in Europe Cologne Serial Killer News

A suspected serial killer, arrested last year after being caught on camera disposing of a body, is now thought to have attacked or killed at least 19 people in Spain, France and Germany.

Images of the 48-year-old German truck driver were caught on a Spanish firm's CCTV, prompting a police investigation.

Yesterday Eurojust, the European Union's Judicial Co-operation Unit, said the man is suspected of at least 19 murders or attempted murders between 1974, when he was 15 years-old, and 2006. Most of the victims were prostitutes.

The lorry driver, named in the Spanish press as Volker Eckert, travelled regularly outside his native Germany, usually to France and Spain.

When confronted with the evidence, the suspect confessed to five other murders in Spain and France as well as one in Germany, when the suspect was 15 years-old and the victim, 14. He committed his crimes in the regions of Barcelona and Figueras in Spain, Plauen in Germany and Saintes and Reims in France. Other unsolved cases in Europe are being investigated as the scale of the crimes emerged.

The man was arrested aftera European arrest warrant was issued by Spain. The authorities said other European countries may be involved.


20070321: Border-Crossing Alleged Serial Killer Faces Trial in Germany Cologne Serial Killer News

A German truck driver suspected of 19 murders in three countries will be prosecuted in Germany, European justice officials ruled.

Volker Eckert killed his first victim when he was 15, according to German police. Then  prosecutors said he they believe he went on a killing spree that lasted 30 years, victimized 19 and spanned three countries before he was caught dumping a body of a strangled prostitute as by a private Spanish company's security camera.


The 48-year-old truck driver, who is suspected of murder in France, Germany and Spain, was arrested by authorities in November in Cologne after a Spanish warrant was issued for his arrest, according to Eurojust, the European justice coordination agency based in the Hague.


"He is suspected of having committed at least 19 murders between 1974 and 2006," agency officials said, adding that most of the victims were prostitutes he killed for sexual reasons.


Evidence found


After the suspect was confronted, he admitted to four murders in Spain and two in France as well as his first in Germany, in 1974, of a 14-year-old female schoolmate in Plauen, agency officials said.

Also, when the suspect was picked up, German police found hair, clothing and photos of murdered French and Spanish prostitutes, they said.


The crimes took place in the Spanish regions of Barcelona and Figueras and Saintes and Reims in France, Eurojust said, adding that other unsolved cases in Europe were being investigated.


The truck driver traveled regularly outside his native Germany, usually to France and Spain.


"We got him."


After the suspect was apprehended, German authorities appealed to Eurojust to rule on the case because of looming conflicts with French and Spanish authorities over jurisdiction.


"There was intense pressure especially on the Spanish authorities to bring this man to justice," Bamberg prosecutor Johannes Schmitt told Frankenpost. "There is enormous public interest in the case."


Afterward, Eurojust decided this February that because German law that allows German citizens to be prosecuted for crimes committed in and outside of Germany, Volker E. should be prosecuted in Germany for all the murders he is known to have committed so far.


The prosecutor in the German city of Hof, the suspect's hometown, hailed Eurojust's decision to give Germany the authority to prosecute the alleged serial killer.


"The Spanish wanted him, the French wanted him," Schmitt added. "But us Germans got him."




20050904: Lawsuit settled against author of book about serial killer SC Columbia Serial Killer News
A Texas author and the publisher of a book about a serial rapist and killer have settled a lawsuit against them for 45-hundred dollars.Author Diane Fanning says the low settlement amount is a victory for her and New York-based St. Martin's Press.

The suit was filed last year by a South Carolina woman who was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by Richard Marc Evonitz in 2002.

The woman was then 15. She claimed that Fanning revealed "highly offensive, private matters."

In the 244-page paperback, titled "Into The Water," Fanning details the teen's abduction from a friend's home and her 18-hour ordeal as a captive in Evonitz's apartment.

The woman's lawyer says the case was settled because his client voluntarily appeared a short time after her escape on a nationally televised program.

Under the settlement terms, Fanning and St. Martin's can continuing publishing the book but cannot sell the movie rights to it.

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