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Serial Killer

20050802: Adolescent serial killer hanged in Iran Bandar Abbas Serial Killer News
An Iranian man convicted of murdering and robbing five men when he was a minor has been hanged in the southern city of Bandar Abbas, the Khorasan daily reported, AFP reported. Farshid Farighi, 21, was hanged at the city prison after he was convicted of stabbing to death five men in separate incidents after they gave him a lift in their car. The first murder was carried out in 1998, when Farighi was believed to be 14 years old, and he was arrested in 2000. His sentence included 74 lashes. So far this year, Iran has executed at least 43 people, according to an AFP tally based on witness and press reports. In 2004 at least 159 people were executed in the Islamic republic -- the highest rate in the world after China -- according to Amnesty International. Iran's capital offences include murder, rape, armed robbery, apostasy, blasphemy, serious drug trafficking, repeated sodomy, adultery or prostitution, treason and espionage.

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