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20070108: Benevolent businessman serial killer victim FL Fort Lauderdale Serial Killer News
Turkish businessman Üstün Ataç was found dead in his beachside hotel room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the victim of a suspected serial killer. Five murders have taken place in the city of Fort Lauderdale in the last week. All five of the murders took place in Broward County, where the death of 65 year-old Ataç was the cause of great sorrow. Mr. Ataç owned roughly 400 flats in Florida, and employed around 250 people - most of Turkish origin - in over 20 of his businesses in the Pompano Beach area. Mysterious woman Eye witnesses said that they saw Mr. Üstün Ataç enter an apartment at 'Ocean Drive Beach Villas' with a woman. Remarking that Mr. Ataç had not arrived at work the following morning, the hotel manager made his way to Mr. Araç's room, where he found the businessman lying on the floor with a bullet wound to the head. Mr. Ataç was known throughout the Turkish community as a generous man who welcomed newcomers from Turkey to the area, often taking them under his wing and providing them with employment opportunities, according to close friend Halil Kaynatma.

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