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Serial Killer

20051018: Notorious serial killer gang nabbed Gulbarga Serial Killer News
In a major breakthrough the Gulbarga police have succeeded in nabbing a gang allegedly involved in a serial of six brutal and sensational murders in a span of one year.

Though the police had remained clueless about all these mysterious murders the investigations done by the police in a kidnap case sealed the fate of the notorious gang, which was known for liquidating any person who came across their criminal activities.

The modus operandi of the killer gang was that they would pick up the person they wanted, make him consume alcohol up to sedation and take him in to a secluded place and kill him mercilessly. After committing the murder they would remove clothes from the dead body and burn them with an intention to make identification of bodies very difficult. In some cases they would either burn bodies or throw them in to river or on to the railway track. The gang has committed a double murder on a single day with the same modus operandi. Though the dead bodies would be accidentally recovered after several days, their identification would become almost impossible.

The three arrested criminals are, gang leader and mastermind behind the brutal killings Sudhakar Gajare (25) of Kerebosaga village who is an auto driver by profession, Suresh Warik (28) of Tadkal village who works in a hair cutting saloon and Ravi Poojary (30) of Gulbarga who is with a finance firm.

Heaving a sigh of relief over successfully nabbing the gang by his men SP Dr.Ramachandra Rao told media persons here on Monday that killing persons had become a routine habit for the gang and a full stop has been put for their horrifying crimes. He said the other associates of the gang who had aided and abetted the crimes numbering about six would be nabbed soon. Dr.Rao has appreciated the investigating team for their exemplary job. Additional SP Ravikumar Nayak, rural DySP S.S.Nayak, rural inspector Dayanad Singh, M.B.Nagar sub inspector S.R.Nayak and other crime investigating personnel constituting the special investigation team had struggled very hard to take the serial murders to a logical conclusion.

The victims of the gang which has eliminated as many as six persons from December 2004 to July 2005 are: Ashok Kulkarni, an auto driver of Peth Shirur in Chittapur taluk, on 1 December 2004, who was murdered in a tur field near Srinivas Saradgi. On May 21 this year the gang committed double murder of Ishwarraj Patil of Minjagi village and his associate Mallinath Poojary who was an eye witness to the murder of the former. On July 20 the gang finished one Ambaraya near Aurad on the northen outskirts of the city and latter cut his private parts. His body was burnt at Shiragapur cross on Babalad Road.

On the same night they encountered Amabaraya’s associate Ranadhir Malya. Malaya’s fault was that he enquired whereabouts of his friend Ambaraya. The gang took him away and killed him and threw his body in to river Bhima near Kattesangavi bridge. On July 7 it was the turn of an innocent jeep driver Manjunath Kalal of Sedam who was murdered near Garampalli village. The jeep of the deceased was sold to a person in Sedam for Rs.25,000.

The killing spree would have continued but for the kidnapping of one Naganath of Keribhosaga village. The police, during the investigation of the kidnap case, got the clues of the sensational killings and succeeded in nabbing the gang.

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