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Serial Killer

20060728: Police warning: Trucker Serial Killer chasing women Kassel Serial Killer News

Trucker, chain smoker, black moustache - the man is a serial killer, chases women.

Suspicion appeared while investigating the murder of Anna (18)  from Kassel. The handsome schoolgirl was kidnapped three weeks ago, raped and found dead on the highway parking lot "Scharfenstein" near A49.

Particles of tissue found on the corpse collected for DNA evidence  corresponded to two unsolved cases.

The same predator, who killed Anna, also strangled prostitute Nicole U. (32) on a parking space in Dormagen (North Rhine Westfalen) March 15th, 2003, and slit open Polish prostitute "Jorda" (25), raping her and leaving her for dead October 19, 2004 near A57 near Cologne.

"Jorda" survived and could give a description of the beast.

In the cases of the prostitutes, itīs confirmed, that the trucker took them on a ride, so most obviously also Anna got into the truck before being raped and killed. Investigators hope, to catch the killer by analyzing "Toll control" invoices...


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