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Serial Killer

20051001: Marcus Shrader III, a serial killer who terrorized Onslow County in 1974, was denied parole after a AL Huntsville Serial Killer News

Is a serial killer behind bars in Tennessee? That's the question several agents from police departments across the country are asking tonight about Efrain Huerta.

He's the man indicted Thursday for the murder on murder, kidnapping, and rape charges in Franklin county, Tennessee.

Huerta was originally in the Franklin County Jail on a kidnapping and rape case. That's when we're told he confessed to killing a convenience store clerk.

"There has been a homicide investigation that's been going on for months into Miss Ledbetter's murder," said Assistant District Attorney Steve Blount.

He's talking about 20-year-old Shea Ledbetter.  She was kidnapped from a Winchester convenience store on Christmas Eve of last year.

Her body was found a few days later by hunters.

"Given the nature of this particular crime it's normal for police officers to look at their cold cases to see if they've had any situations that would fit this kind of crime, this type of pattern," Blount said.

Blount believes police officers everywhere should check their unsolved cases since Huerta's indictment.

"There may be a type of behavior that this fella might be involved in that law enforcement all over the place might want to look at to see if they've got cases to fit that scenario," Blount said.

Blount would not comment if Heurta has been tagged a serial killer. He is, however, pleased with Thursday's indictment.


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