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20051118: Family sues Spanish police for ignoring Costa killer warnings Malaga Serial Killer News
THE parents of a Spanish schoolgirl murdered by a British serial killer are suing the Spanish authorities for failing to act on warnings from Scotland Yard that the sex attacker known as the Holloway Strangler had fled to the Costa del Sol. They blame police ineptitude for not capturing Tony King long before he killed their 17-year-old daughter.

Spanish and British police are blaming each other for the bureaucratic bungles that have led to both countries demanding a change in the rules about keeping a watch on violent criminals who move abroad.

British police suspect that King, 40, made a number of visits back to Britain from his home on the Costa del Sol to attack more women over the past eight years.

He was sentenced to 36 years in prison this week for sexually assaulting and strangling Sonia Carabantes, 17, after ambushing her in 2003. He will go on trial again in Málaga next year for the killing of a Spanish woman in October 1999.

Scotland Yard’s Serious Crime Directorate says that it wants to question him about seven murders — including that of the schoolgirl Millie Dowler in March 2002 — and three rapes and the disappearance of two young women in Ealing, West London, in 1999.

In Spain there is growing support for a public inquiry into why King was not caught sooner. José Maria Garzón, the lawyer representing the Carabantes family, says that the Spanish Government “has civilian responsibility for not controlling Tony King”.

Spanish police claim that they mislaid Scotland Yard’s first e-mail warning about King in September 1998. It was not until January 1999 that police in Málaga responded to a second warning. But they misunderstood the message and did not realise that the British police were warning them about a violent sexual predator.

Spanish investigators insist that Britain did not send them a full dossier on King until after he was arrested in September 2003. By that time he is thought to have killed four women in Costa del Sol resorts.

King fled to Spain in 1997 after being freed from jail in Britain. The London-born barman had been sentenced to ten years for attacks on women. He would throttle them with flex until they fell unconscious, then sexually assault them.

He was released in 1991 but jailed afterwards for five years for robbing a woman at gunpoint. He escaped to Spain after allegedly attacking a woman in Leatherhead, Surrey, though police failed to extradite him when the courts ruled that there was insufficent evidence to bring him to Britain.

Scotland Yard detectives are not expected to visit King in prison until after his second murder trial in Spain, for the killing of Rocio Wanninkhof, 19. In October 1999 the au pair had her throat cut and was stabbed 21 times.

A month after King was arrested the Spanish Interior Minister said it would create a database between the national police and civil guard. After a change of government in March last year, this has still not happened.


1986 Tony Bromwich, 19, from Holloway, is sentenced to ten years for throttling and sexually assaulting five women

1997 Changes name, moves to Costa del Sol

September 18, 2003 Former partners alert police. King admits murder of Sonia Carabantes and Rocio Wanninkhof and other rapes

September 23, 2003 King’s fingerprints are found by Spanish police to match those of the Holloway Strangler


20051117: Costa killer victim slams justice fraud Malaga Serial Killer News
A DANCE teacher who survived after being attacked by Costa killer Tony Bromwich has spoken this week of how she had been cheated out of justice.

Christine Blewer was speaking at her flat in Three Colts Lane, Limehouse, on hearing that Bromwich was jailed in Spain on Tuesday for 36 years.

She recalled the attack 20 years ago which resulted in losing her unborn baby.

Bromwich was cleared of assault at the time on the judge's direction.

But 12 years later, she saw his photo-fit face on a Crimewatch appeal for a sex attacker and named him to police, thinking justice would at last be done.

Justice, however, eluded Christine a second time as Bromwich fled to Spain 24 hours before detectives raided his house.

The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to extradite him, leaving him in Spain to murder at least two women.

Bromwich - now calling himself Tony King - was convicted of murdering one of the woman and faces a separate trial for the second victim next year.

Christine, now 45, whose story was first told in the Advertiser in 2003, has again waived her anonymity to speak out and believes Bromwich is behind attacks on many more women.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg," she said.

"They only thing he learned in prison was how to be a serial killer."

Her anger has not abated, even two decades after being attacked in the lift of her block of flats in Limehouse when she was battered on the head with a metal grinding tool before trying to strangle her with her scarf.

"I'm still angry because he should have been jailed 20 years ago," Christine continued.

"Bromwich should have been sectioned in a high security mental hospital like Peter Sutcliffe or Ian Brady.

"I have been strong, but what Bromwich did destroys lives."

The petite blonde was a contemporary dance teacher aged 25 who was three months pregnant when he attacked her.

She was among the early victims of Bromwich, who became known as 'the Holloway Strangler' for his method of throttling his prey before sexually assaulting them.

"I had just a minute to plead with him," she recalled.

"I said 'please don't kill my baby' and promised him not tell anyone if he let me go.

"He was going to kill me - it was obvious that's what he wanted to do.

"That scarf may have saved my life because it stopped the blood flow from my head wound."

Bromwich did let her go, but Christine had a miscarriage and the attack ended her dreams of making it to the top as a contemporary dance act.

She still teaches dance at several schools, including the renowned Italia Conti.

20051116: Police track Costa killer's death trail Malaga Serial Killer News
AS TONY KING began a 36-year jail sentence last night for murdering a Spanish schoolgirl, detectives said that they are convinced he has killed other women in Britain and on the Costa del Sol.

Detectives in Málaga believe that the British barman is a serial killer who has slaughtered at least four young girls. As he was led from court he screamed at police, claiming that they had tortured him into confessing to the sexual assault and strangling of Sonia Carabantes, 17, as she walked home from a local fiesta. King, 40, changed his name and fled to Spain in 1997 after serving a ten-year sentence for a series of sex attacks in North London, where he was known as "The Holloway Strangler". He throttled his victims with electrical flex until they became unconscious, then sexually assaulted them.

Scotland Yard detectives reopened their files on a number of unsolved murders and attacks on young girls after King was arrested in August 2003 after the discovery of Miss Carabante’s naked body partially buried under rocks.

Police forces in five British regions want to talk to King about four murders and two rapes. Spanish police also wish to question him about the murders of two girls who died five years ago, and he is soon to face a second trial in Málaga for the murder in 1999 of Rocío Wanninkhof, 19, a Spaniard.

Scotland Yard warned Spanish police that King was a danger to women and young girls when they discovered in 1998 that he had changed his name from Tony Bromwich and moved to the Costa del Sol. Ten British officers were deployed to Operation Washfield, as it became known, which dug into King’s past while liaising with police in Spain.

Commander Baker has said that the murder of 13-year-old Milly Dowler in March 2002 was among those about which they wish to question King. Scotland Yard said that it will not list the other sex crimes that are being linked to King until after his forthcoming trial. A detective in Málaga said: "We still don’t know the full horror of what this man has done." He is alleged to have visited the makeshift graves of his victims to interfere with their bodies.

King confessed to attempting to rape Carabantes, then beating her in a fit of rage because he was impotent. He then drove her to wasteland, where he sexually assaulted her before strangling her with her own top. The three-man panel sentenced King to 23 years for murder, five years for kidnap and another eight years for sexual assault. The court also ordered him to pay his victim’s parents €300,000 (£202,000).

His lawyer said that he would appeal.


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