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Serial Killer

20060128: Mexican Police Capture Second Serial Killer Mexico City Serial Killer News
Mexican police now have two serial killers in custody. They presented to reporters on Thursday a former soldier who allegedly tortured and killed at least four homosexual men.

The day before, police captured Juana Barraza, 48, who is suspected in the strangling and beating deaths of seven elderly women since 2003, reports The Associated Press.

The other accused killer, Raul Osiel Marroquin, detailed at a news conference on Thursday how he killed four gay men. "I snuffed out four homosexuals that in some way were affecting society," he said. However, he denied being homophobic.

Marroquin told reporters that if he had the chance, he would kill again. But he would "refine his methods," the next time.

Police said he would meet his victims at bars, and lure them away.. He would then torture and hang the men. On one victim, he is accused of carving a star on his forehead, reports the AP.

Marroquin also allegedly kidnapped two other gay men. They were released after a ransom of up to $11,500 was paid.

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