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Serial Killer

20060407: Suspected serial killer ‘Vla’ Pujols off to jail Azua Serial Killer News
This city’s Prosecutor’s Office yesterday won two battles over the defense of the suspected murderer Vladimir Pujols (Vlad), as Assistant DA Pedro Quezada and Augusto Arias managed that Instruction judge Maria Cordero order 3 months of temporary incarceration against the alleged leader of the gang Los Zayayines.

Cordero accepted the charges that Pujols injured Jose Acosta and Juan Carlos Agramonte, while he was fugitive.

Last Friday, March 31, the Prosecutor obtained from liquidator instruction judge Marta Claribel Ortiz an order to incarcerate Pujols in Najayo prison, while the case is prepared of the homicides of the journalist Juan Andújar, Francisco Antonio Muñoz, Sandy Núñez and for the aggravated assault of Jorge Luis Sención.

He is also accused charged as an accomplice in the death of the gold buyer Amancio Puello.


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