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Serial Killer

20060409: Pakistani serial killer and rapist sentenced to death Bahawalpur Serial Killer News
An anti-terrorism court in the central Pakistani town of Bahawalpur sentenced convicted serial killer and rapist Abdul Razzaq to death, the Daily Times newspaper reported on Sunday.

“The convict has confessed that he killed eight women after raping them,” the paper quoted an unnamed official as saying.

It said the convict was found guilty on twelve counts and following his admission of guilt the judge sentenced him to die.

A police official told reporters present outside the court that Razzaq, 45, raped a number of women and choked at least eight of them to death in the Ahmedpur East village.

Officials did not explain the mental health of the convict who, according to the prosecution, targetted older women.

He can, however, appeal against the ruling at a higher court.


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