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Serial Killer

20070628: Suspected Serial Killer Denied Bail Kampala Serial Killer News
COURT has denied bail to a suspected serial killer, who allegedly admitted to the police that he killed three girls in 2005.Kampala High Court Judge Margaret Oguli Oumo denied Baker Walusimbi alias Kaweesa, who has spent 14 months on remand, bail last week.

Mr Walusimbi is charged with four counts of robbery and three counts of murder of Moreen Nabbaale, who was an S.6 student of Makerere College School, Jacqueline Najjombwe and Maria Katasi, both residents of Najjanankumbi on Entebbe Road.

Justice Oguli said Mr Walusimbi is likely to jump bail because he has other pending charges.

Najjambwe and Nabbaale's bodies were found near Lutembe Beach while that of Katasi was found in Makerere, Kikoni Zone. The victims were allegedly raped before being brutaly murdered.


20060209: ‘Serial killer’ charged Kampala Serial Killer News
A SUSPECTED serial killer who confessed to killing three girls was yesterday charged with murder.

The 43-year-old Baker Walusimbi alias Kawesa of Upper Konge, a city suburb, was charged at 12:06pm and remanded in Luzira Prison until February 22 when his case comes up again.

He was charged at the Buganda Road Court before Olive Kazwaare, who did not allow him to plead on the three counts of murder.

Court heard that on December 18, at Dawe village, he murdered Maureen Nabaale with malice aforethought.

The charge also reads that on December 18, Walusimbi murdered Jackie Najombwe at Dawe village, Lutembe beach. It said on December 18, 2005, at Makerere Kikoni, Walusimbi also murdered an S.6 student of Makerere College School, Maria Katesi. Police said he confessed to murdering all three.

Asked if he understood the charges, Walusimbi said, “Yes, I have understood the charges.”

Kazwaare said, “This court has no power to grant you bail. If you wish, you can apply for bail in the High Court.”

Curious court employees and the public jammed the court to see Walusimbi. Walusimbi spoke to some people who appeared to be his relatives.

Walusiibi, in a gray shirt, blue jeans and a pair of slippers showed no emotion and looked the magistrate in the eye. The proceedings lasted less than 10 minutes.

He was arrested on January 21.

20060131: 'Serial killer' just a common thief, Police say Kampala Serial Killer News

Although he has caused untold suffering to the families of girls he killed ruthlessly, Baker Walusimbi is not highly rated as a killer by the security officers who apprehended him last week.

“Personally, I don't think he is a serial killer but just a thief, an ordinary thief who has been attacking soft targets such as women,” David Magara, the commandant of Violent Crime Crack Unit told Daily Monitor. “And I don't think he was operating alone, there may be others like him, but of course we are investigating that and we shall come to the bottom of it,” he added.

Walusimbi confessed to the macabre murders of three girls whose throats he cut last December, but he claims he only robbed them and did not rape them as was reported in the press. He murdered the victims and dumped them near Lutembe Beach, off Entebbe road. VCCU was set up after the conclusion of Operation Wembley which rid the city of armed robbers.

Magara saidWalusimbi's way of operation is born from the frustration the VCCU has inflicted on gangsters by foiling many of their plans and apprehending them.
"When we foiled them, these gangsters went planning and this is how they are now emerging," he said, "but we too are not sleeping and we shall beat them at it."

Target women
"I have met many women today who have come to report what Walusimbi did to them," Magara revealed, "These are smart young girls, some from universities. They all speak of how he robbed them of their property; phones, money and handbags."

According to Walusimbi's testimony to VCCU, he targets women because 'women are the weaker sex'. "You cannot lock up a man in a car and drive off, he will fight you," Walusimbi reportedly told Major Charles Tusiime, the deputy commandant of VCCU.

Walusimbi revealed that an average woman on the streets of Kampala may have a about Shs50,000 in cash, an ATM bank card, a necklace, a watch and women generally hold more expensive mobile telephone handsets than the men. He said women victims are usually stranded in need of transport, are more gullible when being lured and put up very minimal and manageable resistance when faced with attack.

Way of operation
According to several victims who have come up to tell their ordeal to the police, Baker Walusimbi passed for a very gentle and easy-to-get-along-with guy.
The VCCU reveals that his hours of operation were in the mornings, at the rush hour when passengers appear to be more than the available taxis.

"He would pull up at a busy stage after identifying a potential target and ask if they need of a lift to town," Magara explained. "That is how he picked the Simba Telecom girl. They were three at a stage in Bweyogerere, but the two jumped off at Kireka leaving her alone with Baker. He then took the Mbuya short cut claiming there was a heavy traffic jam in Nakawa," he added.

It is while in Mbuya that he started a conversation on a certain serial killer in town. After the hallowing story, he pulled up at a certain gate, turned to the girl and announced that he was the said serial killer and demanded that she hands over valuables in her possessions. He took her mobile phone, Shs 170,000 in cash and other assorted items in her.

Walusimbi is said to have been in the habit of driving good vehicles, hired on self-drive basis from special hire taxi operators, some of whom are with him in VCCU custody now helping in investigations.

At night, he operated from popular nightspots where he would easily lure unsuspecting girls for a ride home and rob them of their valuables.
"He would rob some sex workers who he 'lifted' on the pretext of seeking sex and he sometimes also raped his victims," Magara said.

"Girls have been coming here and yes, they identify the knives, the toy gun though we are sure he has a real gun, but he has not yet revealed that to us," said Maj. Tusiime.

Showing the Alcatel phone Walusimbi was found using, Tusiime said the killer was also fond of asking for ATM cards, something the VCCU is deeply investigating.
It is estimated that on average he robbed five women daily.
"Usually many women move in pairs or threesomes; many of his victims actually have been threesomes," Magara said.


20060128: A FORMER female wrestler, accused of killing 11 elderly women in the Mexican capital, had an altar t Kampala Serial Killer News
The Uganda police have arrested a man who confessed to killing three women including a 17-year-old girl in different parts of the capital city Kampala.

    According to local press on Saturday, Baker Walusimbi, a resident of Wankoko zone in southern suburb of Kampala, was arrested in a recent joint operation by the Violent Crime Crack Unit (VCCU) and the police.

    Walusimbi confessed to killing Maureen Nabbaale, a student of Makerere College School, who was in her Senior Six vocation. Her body was found in Kawaala.

    Other victims were Jackline Majjombwe and Maria Annet, both residents of Pidar Zone on Entebbe road. Their bodies were recovered on the way to Lutembe beach.

    Walusimbi was found with two machetes, mobile phones, women's handbags and a toy pistol.

    VCCU head David Magara was quoted as saying "what is so surprising is that all the three women were murdered in the same way."

    "Their bodies were found naked, their necks had cuts and without any identification. We suspect that they were first raped before they were killed," Magara said.

    Walusimbi was arrested together with eight others, some of whomare Rwandans. The eight have been buying stolen phones and selling them in Rwanda, according to the police.


20060127: Police nab alleged serial rapist and killer Kampala Serial Killer News

Ugandan police said on Friday they had arrested an alleged serial killer who posed as a cab driver to prey on young women whom he robbed and raped, killing at least three of his victims.

Baker Walusimbi, 35, confessed to a series of robberies, sexual assaults and the murders of three women whose naked bodies were found dumped in bushes in a Kampala suburb and near a resort on Lake Victoria last month, they said.

"He strangled them before slitting their throats with a knife to make sure that they had died and took everything they had," police spokesperson Patrick Onyango told AFP, adding that Walusimbi told authorities he had killed the three women after realizing that they had could identify him.

The suspect told police that he posed as a taxi driver to pick up his victims from an upscale Kampala nightclub before attacking them, he said.

Walusimbi was arrested on Sunday after officers traced the victims' cellular phones, which the suspect or accomplices had sold to a shop in Kampala that was offering them for sale, Onyango said.


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