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Serial Killer

20060309: NC, SC officials say serial killer is under arrest VA Chesterfield Serial Killer News
Officials say they've arrested a man they suspect in three murders and a rape. They say the crimes happened over the course of nine years and across two states. The last murder victim was Sharon Tucker Stone, whose dismembered body was found last month off the side of the road at the intersection of Peach Orchard Road and Highway 151 in Chesterfield County. Before investigators made the connection, no one suspected 42-year-old Scott Williams, and he had not been interviewed regarding the previous murders of Sharon House Pressley and Christina Outz Parker. Williams led a quiet life in Monroe, North Carolina. He was a North Carolina Department of Transportation worker, a member of a road crew. Williams has no criminal record. In fact, in a press conference, the comment was made, "He's lived a normal life, except on these three or four occasions." And on those occasions, officials don't think Williams kidnapped the women in order to murder them. They would not comment further on motive. The break in the case came when investigators found links between Williams and Stone, and through interviews detectives were able to determine how Williams knew Pressley and Parker as well. During the course of the investigation, detectives discovered an additional sexual assault they think Williams committed. This victim has not been named to protect her identity, but she is cooperating fully with investigators. Officials say Williams is also cooperating. He faces three counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted first-degree murder, one count of first-degree forcible sex offense and four counts of kidnapping. Williams is being held in the Union County Jail without bond and will go to court on April fifth.

20060223: Investigators identify dismembered body found in Chesterfield County woods VA Chesterfield Serial Killer News
Authorities have identified the mutilated remains of a young woman found in some Chesterfield County woods. The Chesterfield County Sheriff identified the body as Sharon Tucker Stone from Monroe, North Carolina. Deputies say a man picking up cans along Highway151 and Peach Orchard Road found the young woman's dismembered body about two weeks ago. Chesterfield County Coroner Donnie Baker said preliminary autopsy results showed the woman died of two gunshot wounds to the head. The coroner's office ruled the death a homicide, but investigators are still working to determine exactly why the body was dismembered, whether it was animals or caused by something else. Sheriff Parker says even though that part of the county is well-traveled, it is also heavily wooded, making it an ideal place for someone to try and hide something. Sheriff Parker says it could be a long-term investigation, "It may take anywhere from a week to 10 years. We're hoping that someone somewhere saw something out here that's what we looking for, someone to call us and tell us what you saw." Investigators think the body had been in the woods for about a week. Sheriff Parker says he's determined to find some answers for the family, no matter how long it takes. While investigating this crime, deputies in Chesterfield County compared notes with investigators in Union County, where they found other similar crimes. Investigators in both counties plan to continue working together to see if the cases are indeed related.

20050218: Reward For Alleged Serial Killer Doubled NM Albuquerque Serial Killer News
Federal authorities are now offering more money for information leading to the arrest of Phillip Williams, one of the most wanted men in the country.

Authorities are offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest of Williams, who they call a serial rapist and murderer.

In August 2003, Williams' ex-girlfriend, Josephine Chacon, 36, was stabbed multiple times in the back, neck, arms and upper torso. Williams is law enforcement's prime suspect. She died from her injuries.

"He's a very violent person with a very violent history, and he must be apprehended," said U.S. Marshal Gordon Eden.

Williams' alleged habits include hiring prostitutes and then severely beating them, police said.

In Michigan, he has been arrested more than 30 times, including six arrests on rape charges.

Authorities now believe Williams is traveling the country and living in homeless shelters.

Police said they still believe Williams' car -- a two-door, 1987 red Ford Festiva -- is still in the Albuquerque area.

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