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20041214: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
South Korea to hang cannibal serial killer
A South Korean convicted of killing 26 people and eating their livers has been sentenced to death in Seoul, The Times of London said Tuesday. ..Yoo Young Chul, 33, told police he killed out of hatred for women and the rich, and investigators have been able to corroborate at least 20 of the deaths he claimed he committed...The victims were prostitutes and wealthy older women, who were bludgeoned to death with a hammer between September 2003 and July of this year. Yoo said he dismembered the bodies at his apartment, ate the livers and then buried them in shallow graves near a Buddhist temple...He said during his sentencing hearing he felt sorry for his victims, but said he would kill a hundred more if he were released...Psychiatrists said Yoo was sane but suffered a personality disorder after being jilted and divorced by his wife...His lawyer, Kim Byong Joon, said his client would not appeal..."He wants to die before the snow falls," Kim said..

20041213: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
South Korean serial killer sentenced to death
A South Korean serial killer charged of killing 21 people was sentenced to death by local court on Monday. ..Seoul Central District Court found Yoo Young-chul guilty of murdering 20 people, mostly prostitutes and rich older men, in one of the country's worst murder cases, South Korean national news agency Yonhap reported. ..The court dropped criminal charges related to one murder and one theft, citing lack of evidence. ..The 34-year-old Yoo was first arrested on July 15 on suspicion of confining and assaulting a masseuse, but he managed to escape police custody while faking an epileptic seizure. He was arrested again the next day and confessed to the astonishing killings. .."Murders of as many as 20 people are unprecedented in the nation and a very serious crime," said the court. "The death penalty is inevitable for Yoo in light of the enormous pains inflicted on the families concerned and the entire society." ..It is not known yet whether Yoo plans to appeal to the high court. ..Yoo was convicted of mutilating at least 11 bodies of his victims and burning three others. ..On Nov. 29, state prosecutors demanded death punishment for Yoo,saying he killed innocent people without any reason and was showing no remorse for his crimes.

20041203: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Prosecutors demand death for serial killer
Prosecutors demanded the death penalty yesterday for Yoo Yeong-cheol, on trial on charges of murdering 21 people. .In response, a calm Mr. Yoo said, "I am thankful for the prosecutors' request for the death penalty. I will be repenting what I have done until I die.".Mr. Yoo, 34, was arrested in July. He was quoted by police as saying he killed because he hated wealthy individuals and prostitutes, who made up most of his victims.."This is the largest serial killing case in Korean history," the prosecution said. "Mr. Yoo, who killed 21 people without specific cause, voluntarily gave up being a member of the society. Mr. Yoo did not repent for what he has done and said, in court, I wanted to kill more than 100.'" .The verdict will be announced on Dec. 13. ..

20041129: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
S.Korea seeks death for serial killer
South Korean prosecutors Monday requested the death penalty for a serial killer on trial in the country's worst murder case in decades. ..Yoo Young-chul, 33, is accused of killing 21 people since September of last year, many of them prostitutes and older, wealthy people. He allegedly buried 11 bodies after cutting them into pieces...In a statement read before the Seoul Central District Court, the prosecution said Yoo killed innocent people without any reason and had shown no remorse for his crimes..."The accused even said in court that he had planned to kill more than 100 people," the prosecution said. "He is a typical serial killer who gave up living in society with others."..Prosecutors said that there is no need to protect his life, given the cruelty of his crimes and his shameless attitude...The murder case has shocked the 48 million residents of South Korea, where the murder rate hovers just below 1,000 a year..

20041005: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Serial Killer Attempts Suicide in Prison
Serial murder suspect Yoo Young-chul, who had been indicted for killing 21 people, made an abortive suicide attempt in a detention house last Sunday, the Ministry of Justice said Tuesday. ..The 34-year-old man, who also claims to have killed five additional victims, attempted to kill himself with electrical wire from a wall fan in his cell at midnight Monday, but was found by another jailor immediately after his attempt. ..According to a ministry official, Yoo left a suicide note to a prison guard and a reporter with whom he had exchanged letters, repenting for his killing spree and apologizing to the families of the victims...“We have closely monitored his behavior since we found some letters implying his desire to commit suicide,” an official said. ..“We were able to stop his suicide attempt immediately because we had prison guards watching him 24 hours.” ..On Sept. 21, Yoo tried to jump at judges during a court hearing, yelling he would not show up for the next hearing, which was scheduled for yesterday. ..He jumped onto the court officials¡¯ desk placed right before the judges, but slipped. Some 20 guards rushed to catch him right after the unexpected incident. ..During the hearing, Yoo claimed he had killed five more people and admitted to the murder charges for 21 victims. He also asserted a teenager and a pregnant woman were included in the list of victims. .. .

20040921: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Suspected Serial Killer Charges Court Bench
Angry at a bench order to appear at the next trial, serial killer Yoo Young-chul jumped over the defendant¡¯s seat and ran to the bench. Prison officers and court guards barely hampered his attempt. Yoo was arrested and indicted on charges of killing innocent women and elderly people. .At the end of the second trial on Tuesday, Yoo said, ¡°I don¡¯t believe the judges. I will not appear at the next trial.¡± In response, the bench said, ¡°It is up to the defendant to decide whether or not he believes the judges. But the defendant is supposed to appear at the trial and you'd better think about it again.¡± ..Yoo shouted, ¡°You force me to appear at the next trial. I¡¯m not saying that I will think about it again, but I¡¯m saying that I will not appear next time.¡± And then, he jumped over his seat and ran toward the judges¡¯ seat. He jumped onto the desk of a court employee to climb to the bench. But he slipped and fell. At that time, 20 court guard and prison officers ran over to catch Yoo. ..Three judges, court employees and spectators were in the court, but no one was injured. It was an awful moment, however, because weapons like a hammer, shovel and cuffs were presented as evidence items in front of the prosecutor¡¯s seat. Without being shackled or bound with a rope, Yoo was just cuffed and his hand and feet were relatively free. Prior to this incident, when he was arrested, Yoo attempted to unfasten his handcuffs and run away. ..A court official who witnessed the commotion said, ¡°Yoo sent a regret letter to the families of the victims in which he said that he¡¯d like to be born as a clergyman and serve people in a next life. But this incident demonstrates that the letter is false.¡± ..Yoo said, ¡°I didn¡¯t kill 21 people, but 31 people. I could confess to other cases in addition to the charges on which prosecutors have indicted me. Among the people I killed, six bodies don¡¯t have some internal organs. I have a bronchus disease, so, I asked the people their blood type. If their blood was type O, I ate their internal organs. After I read oriental medicine books, I also ate other organs out of curiosity.¡± In relation to mutilation murder cases, Yoo said, ¡°At first, I ground the bodies in a mill, but I gradually felt it was unnecessary. I was scared of chopping bodies in silence, so I worked while listening to music. ..Yoo said, ¡°On the day I was arrested, I let two women go home because they were tall. If they weren¡¯t tall, they would have been killed. I cruelly cut off faces, hips and genitals of the women who had the same name as my ex-girl friend who I lived with and left me.¡± .. .

20040906: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Serial Killer Says 21 Victims was Just a Beginning
Serial killer Yoo Young-chul arrives at Seoul Central Court for his first trial under the strict guard of police. Yoo was arrested and indicted on charges of killing 21 people. /Yonhap . .Suspected serial killer 34-year-old Yoo Young-chul, who allegedly murdered 21 women, stated Monday in his first trial at Seoul Central Court's 21st Criminal Division that, “The media keeps saying that I´ve murdered so many people, but to me it was only a mere start.” Yoo was dressed not in a regular prison uniform but in black shirt, pants, and dress shoes and had grown a beard. .Though Yoo admitted to most of the claims made against him, he pointed out that some of the information regarding the identity of the victims or the exact time and place of the killing “was not correct,” and took the time of taking out his own notes for comparison. While questioning, the prosecutor pointed out that, “Yoo stated he would continue killing until he reached 100 if he hadn´t been caught,” and Yoo replied, “I had no intention of stopping the killing.” ..However, when asked if he still thought that the victims deserved to die as he had stated in previous inspections, he answered no and added, “Though I did not have adequate opportunity to express it, I am genuinely sorry,” showing a slight change in attitude. .

20040824: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Investigation Launched Over Rights Violation of Serial Killer
A government human rights commission has launched an investigation over serial murder suspect Yoo Young-chul¡¯s claim that authorities of the detention center where he was staying infringed on his human rights. ..Yoo has been indicted on 11 different charges, including 21 counts of murder, which does not include five additional victims he claims to have killed. ..The National Human Rights Commission of Korea Tuesday began investigating whether the conditions of the Seoul detention house located in Uiwang, Kyonggi Province violated Yoo¡¯s human rights after receiving a verbal complaint through his lawyer, Cha Hyung-geun, on Aug. 6. ..Yoo claimed the detention house installed closed circuit television cameras in order to watch him and tied him with iron chains. He also insisted authorities went back on their promise to allow him to exercise on the condition that he quit his hunger strike, according to a commission official. ..The commission is reviewing a written reply on Yoo¡¯s conditions in the detention center, which was submitted by the center on Aug. 21. ..Details concerning the CCTV installed in Yoo¡¯s prison cell, such as its location and operating hours, were included in the written reply, the commission officer said. ..Also, it detailed when authorities had questioned Yoo over his claim that he was not allowed to exercise...The commission officer implied that a field study in the detention center is not likely to be conducted as the investigation is following standard procedures and the commission rarely conducts on-the-spot surveys. ..``It seems a bit difficult to apply the exact same standards in Yoo¡¯s case, although we will definitely make a decision after gathering opinions from both sides as per the regulations,¡¯¡¯ a commission officer told a local news agency. ..Yoo¡¯s lawyer told a local newspaper that Yoo wished to apologize to the families of the victims during the investigations but the police did not give him a chance...The first court hearing for Yoo is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. on Sept. 6. ... .

20040729: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Serial Killer stages hunger strike
The 34-year-old serial killer, Yoo Young-cheol, has become a nuisance to prosecutors, as he has used the right to remain silent and staged a hunger strike. According to the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office, Yoo sincerely answered the questions from prosecutors after having lunch on Monday, the first day he arrived at the prosecutors’ office. But, since dinner of that same day, he began to refuse to take his meals or even drink water, saying that he has lost his appetite. ..During an investigation on Tuesday, Yoo began to use the right to remain silent, telling the prosecutor, “Why did you take my case? Did your superiors give orders to you? Keep your hands off my case.” Yoo said to lawyer Cha Hyeong-keun who volunteered to represent Yoo free of charge on the basis that he would let the lawyer argue on behalf of him if he is moved to Youngdeungpo Prison where there is a prison guard who treated Yoo generously in the past. But Yoo was disappointed after being informed that the guard does not currently work with Youngdeungpo Prison. ..In order to keep Yoo from committing suicide, Seoul Prison placed Yoo in a solitary cell and watches him around the clock. A prosecutor said that Yoo appears to be disturbed, since he has no chance to meet people and the environment was changed because he is kept in a solitary cell after spending time in a detention room under the police’s overprotection. “It seems to take time to finish questioning Yoo, because he is exhausted and refuses to make statements,” the prosecutor said.

20040726: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Were movies serial killer´s textbooks?
On Monday, the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office began detailed investigations of Yoo Young-chul, who is charged with murdering approximately twenty wealthy elderly people and women. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency handed Yoo's case over to the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office. ..The SDPPO plans to examine Yoo to obtain evidence and discover motives and possibly more victims by Aug. 20, the indictment date. ..The office called four public prosecutors including high-ranking prosecutors Lee Seung-young and Lee Kun-suk. All six public prosecutors of the 3rd Criminal Circuit could be added to finish off the investigation according to the situation. ..The office is taking much care to ensure the security of the investigation, like holding it behind iron doors in the joint investigation room on the 10th floor of SDPPO building rather than the criminal investigation room open to outsiders. ..Taking into consideration that Yoo might commit suicide or injure himself, two prison officers will take a seat alongside Yoo during the entire investigation plus another prison officer that will keep the door shut outside of the room. ..In addition, a public doctor will also be ready in the next room in case Yoo has a seizure. ..An investigative official said, “This investigation will be concentrated on gaining more evidence on the victims and for prosecution rather than obtaining confession. ..On another note, during the delivery of Yoo to the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office, an emotional family member of one of Yoo's victims ran over to him, but police officers kicked her in the chest causing her to fall down steps. ..As Yoo made an appearance to the public while he was leaving, the mother of the Imun-dong victim, known as Miss Jeon, ran over to him breaking the police line, saying, "I am the mother of the Imun-dong victim. My daughter would not be dead if you guys had captured that man earlier." When the fifty-year-old mother sprang, a policemen who was part of a fence around Yoo kicked her in the chest where she eventually fell on the floor, making a loud noise. ..The police explained that "At that time, the officer was holding Yoo with both hands, and when the woman came running out from the photographer line, he used his feet to restrain her. He did not intend to inflict violence." ..However, even after the elucidation, the policeman's "kick" is receiving continuous criticism from Internet users. ..An Internet user who’s ID is "White Magnolia" wrote a message on a board of a portal site saying, "It does not make sense to kick the mother of the victim to protect a murderer." The user added, "I deeply feel sorry for the mother because the police failed to console her during her misfortune. On top of that, they kicked her."

20040725: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Serial Killer Investigation Wholly Dependent on Yoo’s Testimony
The mobile criminal investigation squad of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated yesterday, “We will wrap up the investigation of serial killer Yoo Young-chul in 10 days and send him to the prosecution on the morning of July 26.” ..The investigation revealed that Yoo murdered 21 victims. However, specifics such as his motivation, possible additional crimes and further evidence have been left unsettled. The prosecution, therefore, will now take charge of a re-examination of Yoo for at most 20 days to clear doubtful points before his indictment. ...--An investigation dependent on statements only ...The police have been almost entirely dependent on Yoo’s own statements from the beginning of the investigation. ...Yoo first said, “I killed 26 people, including the victims of the southwest region murder cases.” ...However, he recently changed his words to, “I have no connection with the southwest cases.” ...When the police asked about his additional crimes, he said, “I can take the crimes upon myself, but what if the true culprits are captured later? Your investigations so far would be nothing then.” ...As the police have not found any other evidence except Yoo’s statements, they have been bent on currying favor with him by persuasive techniques. ...Moreover, a blunt weapon Yoo said he had used to kill some of his victims is the only real evidence the police have procured. Chief Choi In-sup of the Korean Institute of Criminology acknowledged, “As there is not much real evidence, it would be difficult to prove the charge against him if he changes his statements.” ...--Remaining points in question ...The motivation behind his murders and possible additional crimes are the matters of primary concern for now. Yoo insists he did not kill anyone from the middle of last November to the beginning of this February and from the middle of this April to the beginning of June. However, serial killers usually commit crimes periodically. The police have to investigate completely the possibility of additional crimes during those periods. ...At first, the police stated, “Yoo gives the impression that he is different from other ordinary criminals. Also, he is consistently insisting he targeted only the rich and women of loose conduct.” ...However, later on, cases in which he had represented himself as a police officer and committed murders were detected, and there were several crimes not much different from other ordinary crimes. These cannot be explained by the motivation that the police revealed first. ...--Police investigation being tested ...The police arrested Yoo based on the statements of those who sent the murdered massage parlor workers to him on the morning of July 15, but they opened themselves to criticism by losing him that night. They are expected to conduct an intensive self-inspection of the whole police investigation process starting today.

20040724: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Serial killer was caught by masseuses, not the police
Massage parlor employees, not police professionals, caught serial murder suspect Yoo Yeong-cheol, police acknowledged yesterday. .Mr. Yoo, who is believed to have killed at least 20 persons including 11 masseuses, was arrested last Thursday after he called a massage parlor worker — perhaps planning another murder. .It had been reported he was arrested by police after an owner of a massage parlor reported suspicions after a number of his employees had gone missing after they received phone calls from the same number. .But according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the unit handling the case, it was the owner of the massage parlor and other employees who apprehended Mr. Yoo first. The police, after the owner's report, sent only one officer to the massage parlor. That officer then accompanied the owner and other employees to where Mr. Yoo was supposed to meet the masseuse. But the officer left, saying he believed Mr. Yoo was elsewhere .After the officer left, Mr. Yoo appeared at the site and was captured by massage parlor employees after a scuffle. Another police officer patrolling nearby arrived and handcuffed Mr. Yoo. The officer who had left returned to the scene after Mr. Yoo was caught. An agency official said yesterday, "It's true that the massage parlor people caught Mr. Yoo first. But isn't it also true that we sent our man?" ...

20040724: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Police say number of serial killer's victims totals 26
Self-confessed serial killer Yoo Young-chul told police on Monday he murdered at least 26 people. ..The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said it was probing new testimony by the 33-year-old Yoo, who was arrested Thursday for beating up a masseuse and then shocked police and the nation by saying he killed at least 20 people in the past 10 months. ..Now, police said, Yoo had raised the total of victims to 26 and said he had murdered several people in Busan, South Korea's second largest city. There was no immediate word whether the six additional deaths included Busan, where police said they had not yet confirmed any murders. ..Yoo, an ex-convict who has been jailed 14 times for a total of 11 years in prison, targeted mainly elderly wealthy people living in upscale homes in southern Seoul and women working in the capital's red-light districts as masseuses or prostitutes. ..Going by what he told police, Yoo, who comes from a poor family, blamed well-to-do people for his own misfortunes and also developed a hatred for women after his wife divorced him while he was in prison in 2002. ..Police also said Yoo is schizophrenic and an epileptic. ..Yoo told investigators in his latest testimony that he killed a street vendor who sold fake medicine in Hwanghak-dong, central Seoul, in April. ..He posed as a policeman and 'arrested' the vendor on April 14, then led him to the building in western Seoul where he lived, and killed him, police said. ..Yoo took the body to Wolmi-do, near Incheon, about 25 kilometers west of Seoul. There he cut off the wrists and burned the body. He did not say why he killed the vendor. ..Police conducted a spot search of Wolmi-do and Yoo's building and concluded he must have killed the vendor and disposed of the body on the island. ..Police said Yoo took extreme care covering his tracks wherever he killed. ..Before he moved on elderly wealthy people, he conducted on-the-spot surveillance of their residences, confirming emergency exits beforehand in case he ran into an unforeseen problem. ..He pretended to be a policeman, showing a forged identification card which he had made himself. ..While Yoo said he never stole money or valuables from any of the upscale residences where he killed, he collected enough on which to live by periodically patrolling red-light districts and extorting money from pimps or prostitutes. ..He told police he never had sexual relationships with any of the women he killed because he did not want to leave any telltale DNA. He said he dismembered the bodies of his female victims and stripped off their fingerprints with a knife to confuse investigators. ..After he was arrested Thursday, he pretended to be lame and fled when police momentarily relaxed. About 12 hours later a policeman spotted and arrested him at Yeongdeungpo Station in southestern Seoul.

20040720: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
South Korean serial killer lost count of victims
A 34-year-old South Korean man suspected of being the country's worst serial killer may have murdered at least 23 people, but the suspect was not sure himself of the number because there were "too many", police said. ..The man was suspected of at least 19 murders, committed in less than a year, many of the bodies possibly buried in shallow graves near a temple, said Seoul police chief Huh Joon Young. ..The victims were mainly women, but also included elderly people from wealthy districts of the capital. ..The suspect, Yoo Young Chul, was arrested late last week and had confessed to the crimes, apparently motivated by a hatred for women and the rich, the police chief said. ..Widening their investigation yesterday, police drove Yoo to the western port city of Inchon in connection with their search for the murderer of a man in April. ..There was a possibility that Yoo was also involved in the murders of three young women in another part of Seoul, police said. Two women were injured but survived. ..Yoo, released from prison last September after serving time for robbery and rape, is suspected of killing an elderly college professor and his wife in an affluent Seoul district in the same month, police have said. ..After his girlfriend turned down a marriage proposal early this year, the suspect was believed to have then shifted focus to target women working as masseuses, police said. ..Investigators unearthed the bodies of 11 women buried in shallow graves near a temple in northern Seoul, close to the studio flat Yoo rented.

20040719: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Serial Killer Confesses to Additional Murders
..With citizens watching, serial killer Yoo Young-chul retells how he murdered a vendor at the entrance of a parking lot in Shinsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, on Monday. .There may have been several more murders committed by Yoo Young-chul, the deadliest serial killer this country has ever seen to date. ..Initially, he'd been suspected of taking at least 19 lives over a course of less than a year but as investigation picks up steam, officials say the number of innocent victims could reach as high as 26. ..The suspected serial killer, Yoo Young-chul confessed to police that he had murdered 26 individuals. That's several more than the 19 that authorities had earlier disclosed. .."We believe there are more victims in addition to the 19 confirmed so far, so we are expanding our investigation. ..Police suspect that more bodies will be found in the coming days throughout the country. ..In the initial stages of investigation, the 34-year-old accused serial killer confessed to killing a street vendor in Incheon, west of Seoul, by slashing the man's wrist and admitted to additional murders in Busan. ..He also told investigators that one victim was just a random woman getting off a taxi. In this case, the woman did not match his usual group of victims who were mostly well-to-do elderly or women working as masseuses. ..Reports indicate that the man suffers from epilepsy and had apparently committed the murders out of his hatred for women and the rich, the very people he blamed for his hardships in life. ..His wife who filed for divorce two years ago, while he was imprisoned for theft apparently triggered Yoo’s hatred toward women. ..Records show Yoo has been convicted on 14 separate counts of robbery and rape since high school. ..Police officials plan to conduct on-the-spot inspections at the scenes of crimes. ..Yoo is expected to face 19 homicide charges, along with charges of fraud, robbery and abandonment of a dead body.

20040719: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
Suspected serial killer arrested
Man, 33, confesses to 19 murders in Seoul in nine months..A man arrested for beating a masseuse confessed yesterday to a nine-month killing spree in which he murdered 19 people, including 11 women working in red-light districts, and old wealthy people, police said. ..It is believed to be the worst single case of serial killings in Korea, an officer at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said on condition of anonymity. ..Yoo Young-chul, 33, was arrested Thursday on a charge of beating a female massage attendant at an inn in Yeoksam-dong, southern Seoul, and was being questioned when he made his surprise confession. ..Police said Yoo, who has previously been in prison 14 times for theft and violent behavior, escaped after being arrested but was recaptured 12 hours later on Friday by a policeman on patrol at Yeongdeungpo Station in southwestern Seoul . ..His primary targets were wealthy people living in fashionable houses and residential buildings in southern Seoul. His modus operandi was to break in during daylight hours when all family members were likely to be at work and only old people remained in the dwellings. ..He did not touch money and other valuable articles, underscoring his possible motive was hatred of well-to-do people and anger at a social system in which the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, police said. ..His other targets were young women, stemming from anger over a divorce and rejection of a marriage proposal to another woman. Yoo said he was divorced by his wife while he was in prison in 2002 serving a sentence for theft. After he was released, he proposed to a woman working in the night club but was rejected because he was an ex-convict. ..Yoo said he could not kill his ex-wife because of his 11-year-old son but he attacked other young women he came across over the past few months, killing 11, mainly in ed-light areas of Seoul and its suburbs. ..Recounting Yoo's trail of murders, police said: ..His first murders were on Sept. 24 when he broke into a residential building in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul, and beat a 73-year old emeritus professor, identified only by his family name Lee, and his 68-year old wife to death with a blunt weapon. ..On Oct. 9, he broke into a house in Seodaemun-gu, western Seoul, and killed three family members, including an 85-year old grandmother. ..One month later, he got into the southern Seoul house of a person described as a well-to-do financial figure identified only by his family name Choe and killed his 69-year old wife. ..He raided another fashionable house in the same area and killed the 87-year old house owner, identified as Kim, and his 53-year housemaid, Bae. He fire to the apartment to wipe out all traces of evidence that could point to him. ..Police said they were starting on-site inquiries at all the houses and buildings where Yoo said he had killed eople. ..Born to poor parents and brought up by his mother after his father died when he was 14, Yoo quit regular school and was confined in a juvenile reformatory school when he was 18. ..He served a total 11 years in prison in the 14 times he was sentenced to jail. ..Police said that after he was released from prison last year Yoo suffered from schizophrenia and nursed a grudge against society for isolating him.

20040718: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
33-Year-Old Ex-Convict Allegedly Murdered 20 Women, Rich Elderly
Police on Sunday said they have captured a serial killer suspected of murdering at least 20 people in Seoul and other areas from September last year. ..The suspect, identified as Yoo Young-chul, admitted he killed 11 women and buried them in the mountains near Yonsei University in Seoul, police said. ..Police recovered the remains of their bodies, which had been cut into pieces before being buried. ..Yoo, 33, also confessed to eight other killings, according to the police. He told them that he committed the premeditated crimes out of blind hatred and hostility toward women and rich people. ..Police are expanding the investigation after securing testimony from Yoo that he had committed more murders in Pusan and Inchon. ..Yoo, an epilepsy patient, was initially arrested Thursday on charges of beating a woman he had paid for sex, but fled during questioning. Police didn't know whether he committed murders when they first detained him. He was recaptured on Friday at the Yongdungpo subway station and confessed to the murders, police said. Yoo was carrying a fake police identification card and handcuffs for his crimes. ..The killing spree began on Sept. 24 last year when he murdered a wealthy couple in Sinsa-dong, southern Seoul. On Oct. 9, he also killed three members of a family in Chongno-gu, Seoul. ..The following month, after killing a 71-year-old man in Kangnam-gu, he moved to Hyehwa-dong, Seoul, and murdered an 87-year-old luxury home owner and a female housekeeper. Police said he also set the house on fire to destroy evidence. ..Most of the crimes were committed around noon and in the afternoon when young people were at work and only the elderly were at home. Yoo was found to have used hammers and knives for the homicides. ..His targets were mostly wealthy people and women. Yoo, who divorced in 2002 while he was in prison, harbored hatred toward the wealthy and women, police said. ..Criminal experts said it seemed that Yoo, an ex-convict, intended to kill innocent people to vent his anger over being a social outcast. He also thought he would die soon because his father died of epilepsy and his elder brother died at age 32 from the same illness. He also had a medical history of mental disorders. ..Police said Yoo told them he had once thought of killing his former wife but dropped the idea in consideration of his 11-year-old son, opting instead for women working in the sex trade as his targets. They also said he wanted to kill people in an affluent neighborhood in Seoul, attributing his miserable condition and his bad luck to wealthy people and women. ..He was first jailed as a high school student at age 18. Since then, he has served a combined 11 years in prison on charges of fraud, violence and other crimes. ..Police said they traced him based on footprints left at a crime scene and records on closed circuit TV. As they got close to apprehending him, he went underground and targeted prostitutes to continue the killings. ....

20040718: YOO Yeong-chul Seoul Serial Killer News
South Korean police arrest suspected serial killer
South Korea has been shocked by the arrest of a 34-year-old man on suspicion of killing at least 19 elderly people and women in less than a year. .Seoul's chief of police, Huh Joon-young, has told reporters that initial investigations had implicated the suspect in 15 cases of murder. .All the victims were people in rich districts or women. .He said the suspect, Yoo Young-chul, had apparently committed the murders out of a hatred for women and the rich. ."Yoo felt hatred towards women after getting divorced and also believed poverty was the reason for his difficulties," Huh said. .South Korea has a relatively low crime rate. .Yoo, father of an 11-year-old boy and convicted previously in 14 cases of robbery and rape, was released from prison last September and killed an elderly college professor and his wife in a rich district the same month, the police said. .The suspect shifted focus to target masseuses after breaking up with a girlfriend early this year, the police said.

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