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Serial Killer

20070125: Czech serial killer may have murdered five more patients Prague Serial Killer News
The expert commission that investigates the case of former male nurse, suspected of murders and attempted murders of patients in Havlickuv Brod, east Bohemia, revealed further five cases of suspicious deaths in the hospital, Health Minister Tomas Julinek told journalists today.

Petr Zelenka, former male nurse in the hospital's anaesthetic-resuscitation ward (ARO) charged with killing eight patients by excessive dozes of anticoagulant heparin and attempting to kill further nine, confessed to the murders.

If found guilty, he faces life sentence.

Two expert commissions set up by Julinek deal with the case. One commission will check the steps of the hospital in Havlickuv Brod, while the other will focus on Zelenka's work in a hospital in Jihlava, south Moravia, where he found a job after he was fired from the Havlickuv Brod hospital.


20070103: Serial killer may have killed more than originally thought Prague Serial Killer News
Petr Zelenka, now facing charges of eight murders and nine attempted murders in the hospital of Havlickuv Brod, East Bohemia, apparently tried to kill more people than the police originally believed, the commercial television station Prima said today, referring to ongoing investigation. Experts said that along with heparin, Zelenka could have administered drugs for heart and arteries to patients, Prima said. "The police are investigating the alternative that Zelenka could have administered other drugs, too, to the patients," Iva Markova, spokeswoman for the East Bohemian police, told Prima. Experts said that these could be adrenalin, insulin or drugs suppressing defects of heart rhythm and a number of other drugs. It is very difficult to detect their presence in body, Prima said. Petr Zelenka, a former male nurse in the hospital's anaesthetic-resuscitation ward, is suspected of killing eight patients by excessive dozes of anticoagulant heparin, and attempting to kill further nine. Zelenka has confessed to the murders. If found guilty, he faces life sentence.

20061205: Alleged Serial Killer Dodged Czech Hospital Doctors Prague Serial Killer News
A nurse charged with one of the Czech Republic's largest serial murders carefully eluded a hospital investigation into unusual deaths for months, a chief physician told a Prague newspaper Tuesday.

But investigators at the Havlickuv Brod Hospital eventually had enough evidence to dismiss Petr Zelenka, 30, and turn to police after he allegedly gave a fatal injection to a patient in September, Dr. Pavel Longin said.

Zelenka was jailed Sunday after confessing to seven patient murders and 10 attempted murders between May and September. Police are still trying to determine why he allegedly killed the patients with a drug that caused massive bleeding.

Last spring doctors noticed an unusual increase in cases of heavy bleeding among patients, prompting a spike in blood transfusions, Longin said.

About 20 cases were detected in a few months while normally, he said, the small-city hospital sees about three cases a year.

Doctors began investigating "whether we were doing something wrong with medical procedures," Longin told the Mlada fronta Dnes newspaper.

The probe continued until mid-August when doctors theorized that "extremely high doses" of a blood-thinning drug were being dispensed, he said. A month later, investigators linked the deaths to Zelanka.

The cases stopped while Zelanka was on holiday but resumed after he returned in mid-September, leading to the seventh death. He was then dismissed, but more than two months passed before police could bring charges.

Zelanka now faces up to life in prison.

While acknowledging that the patients who died were his responsibility, Longin said he has "a clear conscience."

"In my opinion, I could not do any more" to stop the killings, he said. "Unfortunately, it wasn't done faster."

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