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New York real estate heir Robert Durst posed convincingly as a woman and was an excellent tenant before he killed his neighbour and chopped up his body, his former landlord has testified in Durst's trial for murder. Klaus Dilmann said Durst, whom he knew as a mute middle-aged woman named Dorothy Ciner, was rarely seen and paid his $US300 ($445) a month rent for a rundown Galveston apartment months in advance. "A good resident is one you never see. That would be Mr Durst," he said in the second day of testimony in the bizarre case. Durst, 60, was in full female regalia when he rented the apartment in 2001 and pretended he could not speak. "Mrs Ciner was a very convincing middle-age woman," said Mr Dilmann in German-accented English. "They make some good wigs these days. "But she wasn't my type," he added, prompting laughter from the diminutive Durst and others in the small, wood-panelled Texas courtroom. Durst is one of four siblings to share the New York real estate empire built by their father, the late Seymour Durst.    advertisement       advertisement Defence lawyer Dick DeGuerin said in opening arguments on Monday the empire was worth "billions of dollars - that's with a 'b' ". Durst has admitted killing neighbour and friend Morris Black, 71, on September 28, 2001, then cutting his body into pieces, putting them in plastic bags and throwing them into Galveston Bay. His lawyers said it was an accident that occurred as the two struggled over a gun in Durst's apartment. Instead of calling the police, Durst decided to get rid of the body and try to cover up the crime because of his own past, they said. Durst, they said, had gone to Galveston to get away from allegations that he had been involved in the disappearance of wife Kathy Durst in 1982 and the execution-style shooting of best friend Susan Berman in 2000. He posed as a woman to cover his tracks, but gave up the disguise when he set his wig on fire while lighting a cigarette in a bar, they said. Black, they contended, brought on his death because he was violent and dangerous. But landlord Dilmann disagreed. Black was a troublesome tenant who frequently complained and had disputes with his neighbours, but he did not view him as dangerous, he testified. "He never threatened me in any way nor did I have the feeling he wanted to do harm to me in any form," Mr Dilmann said. Mr Dilmann had asked Black to move out a month before his death because of his disagreements with other tenants, but he had not yet found another place to live, he said. Except for his head, which is still missing, Black's body parts were found by a family fishing in Galveston Bay. Durst faces up to 99 years in prison if convicted. Lawyers said the trial could last up to six weeks.
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