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Chronology of the cases
* Nov. 9, 1986: The body of Margarette Eby, music professor and former provost at the University of Michigan-Flint, is found in her Flint home.
* Feb. 17, 1991: Flight attendant Nancy Ludwig is bound, gagged, raped and her throat slashed in a room at the Hilton Airport Inn near Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus.
* Aug. 15, 2001: Police investigators say evidence may link the murders of Eby and Ludwig.
* Feb. 7, 2002: Police obtain a DNA sample from Gorton from a drinking cup. They say it matched the samples from the killings.
* Feb. 8, 2002: Gorton is arrested.
* Feb. 9, 2002: Gorton is charged with murder in Genesee County in Eby's killing.
* Monday: Gorton is charged with murder in Romulus for Ludwig's killing.

Exactly 11 years after stewardess Nancy Jean Ludwig was found raped and dead at an airport hotel, authorities Monday charged a Clio man already accused of murder in the 1986 death of a Flint woman.
Jeffrey Wayne Gorton, 39, was arraigned in Romulus District Court on five felony counts of murder and criminal sexual conduct in the Ludwig case. Authorities say they cracked the case last summer when DNA collected in the Flint rape and slaying matched that collected in Ludwig's death.
A total of 800 pairs of women's underwear labeled with dates and places were found in Gorton's house, and the investigation has widened, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Michael Cox said.
"There are a lot of things here that are very disturbing that we've uncovered," Cox said. "Investigators would be remiss if they didn't do follow-ups. We can't get into all the follow-up that's being done, but there is."
Homicide investigators in Orange County, Fla., have said they plan to contact Michigan authorities about a possible Gorton link to the April disappearance of a 14-year-old girl there, the Orlando Sentinel reported.
Gorton, now a sprinkling-service employee, lived near Orlando, Fla., at the time Vickey Wills vanished in April 1983. A month later, Gorton broke into a house and stole a woman's underwear. He was convicted and imprisoned until 1985, when he headed to Michigan.
Charging Gorton in the Ludwig case might help end her family's agony, Cox said.
"Clearly, on behalf of the family of Nancy Jean Ludwig, this is a happy event today because it will start the process of closure," he said.
Romulus Police Lt. Dan Snyder, who doggedly investigated the case since it happened, said Ludwig's widower took comfort in the developments.
"He said it's the best phone call he's received in years, and he broke down in tears," Snyder said.
On Monday, District Judge Virginia Sobotka ordered Gorton back to jail in Genesee County, where he is held without bond in the death of Eby, a 55-year-old music professor for the University of Michigan-Flint. He is scheduled for a Feb. 27 preliminary examination on the Romulus murder charges.
A pretrial hearing in Genesee County was pushed back to April 12 so Gorton's mental state could be evaluated at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry near Ann Arbor.
During a recent Genesee County search, police also found a 1982 gold Monte Carlo similar to one a witness saw leaving the Hilton Airport Inn near Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Feb. 18, 1991. Inside the car, police found luggage like that used by Northwest Airlines employees.
Ludwig, 41, of Minnetonka, Minn., was staying in room 354 of the Hilton Hotel in Romulus after a flight for Northwest from Las Vegas.
Gorton entered Ludwig's room and attacked her with a knife, Cox said. Injuries on her body suggest she resisted, but Gorton nearly decapitated her with a cut across her throat, Cox said.
Ludwig was tied and raped during the grisly attack, police said. Her attacker cleaned the room and took her clothes and personal items with him, they added.
A witness has said a man loaded burgundy airline-style luggage into a bronze or brown Monte Carlo in the middle of the night Feb. 18, 1991, from the hotel.
Romulus police collected DNA from the scene of the killing though the state didn't have a database to compare it against other samples at that time.
But Snyder and others continued to investigate the slaying, confident that eventually the DNA and other evidence would point to a suspect.
That happened when Lynne Helton, a forensic specialist for the Michigan State Police, matched semen in Eby's killing to that found in Ludwig's attack.
"In the summer of 2000, I re-did the DNA testing at the Northville crime lab on the samples and entered it into the DNA database. It sat there for about a year," Helton said. "When (the Eby DNA) was entered in the database, within a matter of a few minutes it matched the evidence on the Ludwig case. It was just an incredible day."
From that point, Flint, Romulus and the Michigan State Police worked together to close both investigations.
A fingerprint found at the scene of Eby's death matched Gorton's prints from the Florida case.
With a DNA match in hand, police began trailing Gorton earlier this month.
On Feb. 7, Romulus Police Officer Mike St. Andre picked up a cup Gorton left behind. DNA from the cup matched both semen samples. Police arrested him two days later.

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