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  HAERM DR. Teet *1953 SWEDEN ... ... ... 10+
  ALLGEN DR. Thomas Lars *1949 Stockholm
aka Vampire Doctors 1982 1987  
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The brutal murder of Katrina de Costa, a prostitute in the red light district began the case against two rather unlikely suspects. Over a five-year-period, between 1982 and 1987, at least seven prostitutes solicited by the night stalking pair were pulled from the streets and seedy nightclubs. Dismembered and bloodless bodies were found strewn around fields, parks, and ravines in the city suburbs. The deaths of two socialites and a Japanese student were also believed to be the work of the same pair. What the investigating detectives were unprepared for was the identity of the perpetrator. The medical mind they had been searching for was none other than their friend and valued colleague, Dr. Teet Haerm, the senior police medical examiner. Haerm was one of the world's most respected pathologists, and his best friend, Dr. Thomas Allgen was a family doctor and dermatologist. At their trial, information was brougth forth that shocked the entire nation. Dr. Haerm was regularly called in to perform official autopsies on his own victims. The good doctor had a few skeletons scattered around his office as well - literally. He kept the skulls and brains of some of his victims, and the heart of his young wife on prominent display. (He is also believed to be responsible for the death of his wife, Anne Catherine, but the death was officially ruled as a suicide.) The body of Annika Mors was found in Hagensten Park. Under a bridge leading to the suburb of Sollentuna, police found the body of Kristine Cravache. In both cases Dr. Haerm preformed the autopsies, showing nothing but cold detachment to the investigators. Playmate and confidante of the country's leading citizens, Lena Grans and her close friend, television announcer, Cats Falk were reported missing. Shortly after, prostitute Lena Bofors dropped some interesting information on the police. She told them the murders were being committed by a team, and she thought she knew who they were. That visit to the police station was to be her last. She was never found, neither was the next victim, Lota Svenson. Detectives, out of anger, anguish, and an overwhelming frustration began cross-checking and re-interviewing more than 600 street walkers. The description of a boyish-looking, well-dressed young man kept appearing, as did the mention of the white Volkswagen Rabbit he drove. One terrified young woman, who refused to be identified in any way, told police she had been beaten by a client matching the same description before having sex, then he dropped her off at her home as if nothing had happened. The quick-witted and badly abused hooker had the presence of mind to note the attackers appearance and clothing, as well as the liscence number off the VW Rabbit. When police ran a check on the number, it turned out to be none other than the medical examiner, Dr. Haerm. It was at this time that the police put the good doctor under heavy surveillance and did a thourough background check on him. The bizzarre story of his wife's death came to light a short time later. She was found hanging from the end of her bed by Haerm and (coincidentally) the lady he moved in with not long after his wife's death. Detectives were stunned when they confiscated copies of the medical journal, The Lancet, in which the ambitious pathologist had actually published studies of his own crimes. But dispite this evidence, the case against Haerm was entirely circumstantial, and it was thrown out of court - temporarily. Haerm was fired from his job with no official reason given and he set himself up in private business where he attracted a popular practice, listing a large number of attractive young women. In 1985, the skeletons of Lena Grans and Cats Falk were founnd in Lena's submerged car under Hamarby Dock. They were positively identified, but the cause of their deaths was never fully investigated. In 1986, a copycat murder in Copenhagen, Denmark was reported. Japanese student, Tazugu Toyonaga was tortured, strangled and mutilated by a skilled hand. Again, the case was too circumstantial to take to court. In an assumed unrelated case, charges were brought against Dr. Thomas Allgen by his estranged wife concerning the sexual molestation of his five-year-old daughter. The psychologically disturbed Karin Allgen was interviewed by social workers trying to get to the root cause of the abuse. Even though the child was only two years old when the murder had occurred, Karin was able to recount the grisly murder of Katrina de Costa in graphic detail as only some who witnessed the event could. Allgen pled guilty to the incest charges and admitted his part in the de Costa murder. He claimed to be a willing part of Haerm's vigilantes, that they lured prostitutes to the city morgue. And not only did they torture and mutilate their victims, they also practiced, cannibalism, blood-consumption, and necrophilia. On 16 September, 1988, the jury convicted Haerm of the de Costa murder and sentanced him to life in prison. Allgen was also sentanced to life. Unfortunately, the trial was overturned on a technicality by the Swedish Supreme Court. When the retrial was held in May and both defendants were found 'Not Guilty'. Odd as it may sound, the court wrote that reasonable cause existed to find the defendants guilty, yet both men were released. [ReadOn]

Born in Stockholm during 1953, Dr. Teet Haerm was a criminal pathologist, renowned for helping the authorities discover evidence in local homicides. Unknown to the detectives he befriended, Haerm was also a practicing vampire and cannibal , ultimately credited with slaughtering at least seven victims in late 1987 and early 1988. [Weiterlesen]
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