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  MIKHASEVICH Gennadiy *1947 +1985? RUSSIA ... ... ... 36+
MIKASEWITSCH Gennadij 1970 1985
 : ... ... ... ...
During the 70's and 80's the U.S.S.R. was a place where it was rather hard to get the full story on anything, especially if the story was one that painted the State in a bad light. While this is not really a bad thing, when combined with corrupt law officials, more worried about not being promoted then solving a case, it can be rather dangerous for both criminals and innocent people (if there are any left?) It is this combination that allowed Gennadiy Mikasevich to continue murdering for 14 years. During this time four different men were convicted of his crimes due to police trying to close cases quickly. Mikasevich was born in Polotsk, Byelorussia, in 1947. He went on to work as the chief of a state run motor vehicle repair facility. In his spare time he was a volunteer police man, patrolling his home town of Polotsk. According to his account he would drive around in his Russian made Zaparoshet and find a woman he liked the look of. He would then offer them a lift, which all the victims accepted willingly. He would then go somewhere quiet, remove his scarf and strangle them. By Mikasevich records his busiest year was 1984 when he killed 14. While under the guise of policeman he conducted his own investigation into the unsolved murders. He stopped people in little red cars (which it was believed the killer drove) and he even interviewed suspects about the murders that he was committing. Mikasevich truly was a very smart man. During his murder spree 4 men were found guilty of his crimes.  
THE INNOCENT GUYS: O. P. Glushahov - 1974: Sentenced to 10 years. N. S. Tereniv - 1980: Executed V. Gorelov - ??: Spent six years in prison where he went blind. Oleg Adamov - ??: Sentenced to 15 years in prison. Attempted suicide (some say he died, some say he is still alive) But it all went wrong for Mikasevich when he got cocky. He sent a letter to police stating that he was committing "revenge against adulterous women." He signed the letter "Patriot of Vitebsk." He also placed similar letters next to the final two victims. This gave police something to go on - Handwriting. Police also believed that the killer drove a small red car, so over 200,000 registrations were checked. One Detective, Nicolai Ivanovich Ignatovich, also checked the passports of over 312,000 citizens looking for a handwriting match. This really is an unbelievable amount of crap to have to sift through for someone that they had already caught four times and executed once. So, eventually they narrowed it down to a couple and after viewing Mikasevich's writing on a receipt from his work it was decide that this was the guy. After a couple of days 'interrogation' Mikasevich cracked. He admitted to everything. Usually I would probably be really sarcastic here, stating how anyone would crack after being tortured for days on end by police and admit to anything, but in this case I can't because he then led police to a well where he had hidden personal belongings of his victims. So it is probably a bit hard to deny that he was guilty. As is the norm in the old Soviet Union the killer was taken into the woods and executed. This happened sometime between 1985 and 1988.
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