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aka Irving
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In 1996, an Irving woman who worked as a prostitute escaped from a man who was sexually assaulting her. With the help of witnesses, police arrested David McCall, who was convicted and sentenced to five years' probation.
Evidence in that crime prompted police in Irving, Carrollton, Coppell and Dallas to home in on McCall as a suspect in the unsolved slayings of six women between 1991 and 1996, Irving police Sgt. Tim Kelly said.
According to Kelly authorities have uncovered physical evidence linking the slayings and believe that McCall will be linked through DNA to the deaths.
A Dallas judge ruled yesterday that there is probable cause for McCall to stand trial in the Aug. 13, 1995, slaying of 39- year-old Catherine Casler of Coppell, who was stabbed multiple times while on an early- morning jog. The case is scheduled to go to a Dallas County grand jury, Dallas County Assistant District Attorney Bill Wirskye said.
Kelly described McCall, 35, as an intelligent man who traveled as much as 270 miles a day across North Texas installing siding for a major retailer. Kelly said that Irving police are investigating whether McCall could be tied to other unsolved homicides and sexual assaults. "He's a pretty intelligent guy, but science may very well be what gets him," Kelly said.
McCall has been convicted of a variety of serious crimes: the sexual assault of a young female jogger on an Indiana college campus when he was 15; the 1989 attempted kidnapping of a female jogger in Coppell; and the Irving sexual assault, in which a knife was used, Kelly and other officials said.
The pocketknife used in the assault appears to be the same type used in the Coppell slaying, according to the arrest warrant in the Coppell case. McCall told detectives that on the day of the slaying, he was on a cocaine binge and went to Coppell to get money for drugs from his wife, who worked at a convenience store there.
"He's very cocky, but he also seems like he's ready to tell you upfront that he doesn't recall or remember what he was doing because he was in a drug daze," Kelly said. "That leaves him an out."
The body of Casler, a nurse, was found in a lot on MacArthur Boulevard in Coppell, several blocks from the Sparrow Lane house she shared with her husband, Raymond Casler.
Carrollton police have identified Mr. McCall as a suspect in the slaying of LaCresia Tisdale, 22, in January 1991.
He's also suspected in the deaths of Lacheke A. Grandberry, Alysia Ann Beasley and Ida Gee, all found dead in Dallas between October 1995 and January 1996. Staci Terrell, 25, was found shot to death near Wyche Park in Irving in November 1995.
Though Mrs. Casler was a suburban housewife, the women slain in the five other unsolved cases were prostitutes with drug problems, police said. Three were shot, one was strangled and the other was stabbed.
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