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  PROTOPAPPAS Dr. Tony 1945 USA ... ... ... 3
AD 1982 1983 CA
On April 9, 1983, arrest warrants were issued in Costa Mesa, California, charging Tony Protopappas, a local dentist, with murdering three of his patients over the past six months. The warrant set bail at half a million dollars, but the amount was reduced to $300,000 after Protopappas surrendered on April 12, putting up his Laguna Beach home as collateral for the bond. According to the charges filed against him, Protopappas had deliberately overdosed three female patients, causing their deaths in his office. The first to die, on September 30, 1982, was 23-year-old Kim Andreassen, an 88-pound dialysis patient whom Protopappas injected with nine different anesthetic drugs, during an operation to remove her wisdom teeth. Catheryn Jones, age 31,was next, dispatched on February 13, 1983. The final victim was 13-year-old Patricia Craven, murdered six days later. On July 31, 1984, after four months of testimony and five days of intense deliberation, a jury convicted Protopappas on three counts of second-degree murder. Three months later, on October 22, he was sentenced to concurrent terms of fifteen years to life on each conviction. Summing up the case, the judge said, "It's very difficult and very sad. Dr. Protopappas's life is basically destroyed forever."
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