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Arrested in June, 1997 after he tried to kidnap his former boss at a Shoney's restaurant, Paul, a 39-year-old Texas parolee with a history of restaurant armed robberies, was charged with killing three people at a McDonald's on March 23 and two employees at a nearby Captain D's on Feb. 16. As well as the five murders in the two Nashville fast-food emporiums, Reid, an aspiring country singer, is under investigation in connection with 14 similar slayings; the 1993 massacre of seven workers at Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant in Palatine, Illinois; the January, 1997, slaying of a Shoney's night manager in Nashville; and the April kidnap-slaying of two Baskin-Robbins ice cream workers in Clarksville.
A footprint from the Palatine case shows the killer wore a size 12 1/2-14 shoe. Reid wears a 12 1/2. Police also said their suspect was between 6 feet and 6-foot-6. Reid is 6-foot-3. The workers there were herded into a cooler and shot in the head at point-blank range. The workers at McDonald's and Captain D's were taken to the back of the restaurant and shot in the head. Reid was fired from his job as a cook at a Shoney's restaurant on Feb. 15. The next day, a Captain D's manager and co-worker were found shot to death in an apparent robbery. Captain D's is a fast-food fish chain owned by Shoney's and located a few miles from the restaurant where Reid worked.
In court Jose Antonio Ramirez Gonzalez , the lone survivor of a bloody massacre at the McDonald's, testified that he was repeatedly stabbed by his attacker after the gun used to kill his three co-workers didn't go off. Jose Antonio said the assailant, who he identified as Reid, pointed the gun at his head and fired "but nothing came out. He fired and I heard the click." Reid wiped tears from his eyes during several times during the testimony, often shaking his head in apparent disbelief.
In June 26, 1997, Reid was charged with kidnap-slaying of -- Michelle Mace, 16, and Angela Holmes, 21 -- two Baskin-Robbins ice cream workers. However, he was ruled him out in the 1993 massacre of seven workers at Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant because he had an alibi.
On September 22, 1999, a jury in Clarksville, Tennessee, sentenced Reid to death for the murder of the two ice cream shop employees. Reid, who is already facing execution for killing two fast-food workers in Nashville, showed no emotion when the decision was read. He now faces a third trial in November on charges he killed three workers at a Nashville McDonald's in March 1997. Reid's attorneys, claiming his client suffered brain damage as a child, argued he should be spared execution because of his "broken brain." Prosecutors said he should die because of the cruelty of the murders and his past crimes.
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