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A juvenile delinquent with a history of escapes from detention facilities in Washington, D.C., 17-year-old Carl Richardson was finally charged as an adult in the murders of three victims slain after various flights from custody. Confined at Oak Hill, the capital's maximum security jail for children, Richardson broke out three times between February and September 1987. On August 14 of that year, he shot and wounded three persons during the robbery of a motel in Prince George's County, Maryland, killing another victim two days later. Returned to Oak Hill as an escapee, he broke out again on September 27, launching a new rampage of violence. On October 7, he shot and killed 32-year-old Michael Goodwin, a Washington motorist, moving on to Prince George's County where he committed another murder the same day. Held without bond by Maryland authorities on October 16, he was indicted on three counts at first-degree murder, plus three counts of assault with intent to kill, in the August 14 robbery.
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