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Neriah ISRAEL 1981 1986 FL NY MO
A star football player at UC Berkeley, Rozier was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals but quit the team after playing two games as a pro. He moved on to the Canadian Football League, then signed up briefly with the Oakland Raiders, but his will to win had disappeared somewhere along the way. Cut from the squad, Rozier drifted around the country for several years before joining the black-supremacist Hebrew Israelite sect in 1981. The cult had been founded a year earlier, by Eulon Mitchell, Jr. - alias Yahweh ben Yahweh -who billed himself as the son of God incarnate. As a new recruit, Rozier adopted the name of "Neriah Israel." Trouble was already dogging Rozier's footsteps, with Canadian authorities investigating $50,000 worth of bad checks passed in his CFL days, but the worst was yet to come. In 1981, the Yaweh sect was linked with the murder of two ex-members in Florida, and cultists were suspected of firebombing homes in Delray Beach, after residents clashed with Yaweh recruiters. By 1986, authorities estimated that there were 300 active cult members in Miami and Dade County, with other groups springing up nationwide. In November 1986, Rozier was arrested on multiple murder charges in Miami, linked with the October 30 shooting deaths of Rudolph Broussard and Anthony Brown. (Rozier listed his age as "404 years" on the arrest report.) The victims had staunchly resisted cult efforts to take over their apartment complex, but other crimes charged against Rozier had no such obvious motives. Detectives reported that Rozier's fingerprints had been found at the scene of two random murders where transients were killed, their ears sliced off, and press releases linked him with at least five murders in Miami and environs. At this writing, authorities in St. Louis and New York City are studying Rozier's possible involvement in other unsolved homicides. He has been sentenced to 22 years in Florida.
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