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1894 1920 Spandau
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A tantalizing case from Germany is that of 50-year-old Schultz, a cabman in the neighborhood of Spandau. On December 2, 1920, local homicide investigators publicly announced that Schultz had been arrested on eleven counts of homicide. His crimes, recounted for detectives by the suspect's wife, were said to span a quarter century and more, including women, men, and children on his list of victims . In 1894, he had allegedly dispatched an eight-year-old for no apparent reason, but the murder of a child was not his first offense; "some years before" the slaying, Schultz had killed his wife's two brothers, threatening her life repeatedly to guarantee that she would not reveal his crimes. By 1920, pangs of guilt outweighed the woman's fear, and she approached police in Spandau with her story, leading to her husband's ultimate conviction and execution.
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