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Cleveland Strangler 1990s Cleveland
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In December, 1994, South African police arrested David Selepe and charged him with the murders of 11 black women who were found in a mine dump in Cleveland. Selepe was subsequently killed on December 17, 1994, while "pointing out" the murder scene of one of his alleged victims. At Selepe's inquest, police alleged he had attacked one of the detectives with a stick before he was shot. The inquest found that no one could be held criminally responsible.
At the time of his death police claimed Selepe had been "positively linked" to six of the "Cleveland Strangler" victims. For all given purposes one could assume Selepe indeed was the mysterious slayer. However, now that Moses Sithole has emerged as South Africa's Serial Killer King, he has now been linked to four of the six victims previously linked to Selepe. David's widow, Linda Selepe is considering suing the government for the death of her husband. "They killed the truth when they killed my husband. Had they brought him to court then, the South African public would have known the truth that David was not a killer."
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