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aka Schoolboy Night Stalker 1985 1986 OK
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Sean Sellers seemed like the all-American high school teenager, excelling in athletics and academic studies. He was an avid reader who scored straight A's and was a star of his high school acting group. But Sellers stood out as one of the most unusual students, which won him the distinction of 'Most Eccentric' in the class, by carrying vials of his own blood to have for lunch and openly carrying around literature and advocating the practices of Satanism. Sellers excuses his crimes by saying he was driven to kill because of the love-starved childhood he was forced to suffer. At his trial he displayed the same unemotional self-denial. He entered pleas of 'not guilty' to three counts of first-degree murder, swearing that he had absolutely no recollection of committing the meticulously planned executions. If he did them, argued his lawyers, he must have been possessed by Satan, and therefore insane. Sellers believes that his troubles stemmed from his mother's abandonment as a young child. While Vonda Sellers hunted throughout the country for work, her young son was bounced around to different relatives. Even after his mother remarried (she married former Green Beret recruiting sargent and vietnam vet, Paul Bellofatto, aka. Lee) they were separated from him for long periods of time. Sellers was bounced around from home to home and school to school, but his education never suffered. He was a quick learner and he read avidly. By the time Vonda and Lee settled down with their son, he had changed quite a bit. Sellers had shifted from the fantasy world of role-playing and science fiction to the darker side of life. He involved himself in Satanic rituals, gathering a cult-like gang of like-minded rebels, which fostered his "belief" in the power of the supernatural. By Febuary of 1985, Sellers was immerced in Satan worship, at least outwardly. In his bedroom at home, he spent hours performing solitary rituals. There were occasions were he would slash his own body so he could write messages in his own blood to the powers of darkness. He skulked around the neighborhood in teh wee hours of the morning which earned him a new nickname, "the night roamer." He popped anphetamines to fuel his fantasies, drank liquor and smoked pot. With his good friend, Richard Howard, and a half a dozen or so followers, Sellers convened regular meetings in an abandoned farmhouse, which they converted to a temple of satanic worship. "I was like a vampire. We were always cutting each other up and drinking each other's blood," Sean confessed later. Before long, Sellers had purposely broken nine of the ten Christian commandments. The only one he hadn't broken was "Thou shalt not kill" and this wasn't long to follow. Sellers developed a way to give himself permission to kill without thought or remorse. He summoned up an alter ego in the form of a demonic being called Ezurate, who would fill his mind and affect the appropriate actions at the appointed time. With the help of his friend, Howard, Sellers selected the day he would commit his final sin. Because this first crime was solved only by the admission of both boys, there is no accurate account of the events of that fateful day. Known facts are as follows: Howard's grandfather's gun (.357 Magnum) was stolen by one of the boys. They drove to a remote convienience store late on the night of 8 September, 1985. Sellers fired three shots at nearly point blank range into the store's innocent clerk, Robert Bower (age 36). The first missed and as Bower ran for his life, Sellers stalked and killed him. The boys fled the scene, cleaned the gun, and returned it to the case they had taken it from. Not long after, Sellers planned an even more elaborate crime. He worked up his courage during an extensive ritual which included the invocation of his personal demon. He fortified himself with a short nap, then proceeded to find his father's .44 revolver. He shot both his parents in the head at point blank range. When being questioned by police, Sellers gave a rather detailed account of his killing. His father died instantly, while he put two bullets in his mother's head before she died. Sellers laid out his meticulously plan, placing the blame elsewhere and establishing his alibi. He took a shower, put away the trappings of his ritual, and ransacked the house. Then he traveled to Howard's house and convinced him and his wife to provide his alibi during the time of the murders. He slept soundly that night, and in the morning, went back to his house to "discover" the murders. The police, suspicious of the crime scene, called Howard in for a second battery of questioning. He was easily persuaded to tell the whole story of the murder and the whereabouts of the hidden weapon. And when he was pressed, he also recounted his version of the events surrounding the death of Richard Bower six months prior. When arrested, Sellers maintained his amnesia defense, and elected not to testify on his own behalf. Howard, who was originally charged with murder for his part in the Bower homicide, pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact, and testified against his former friend. He received a suspended sentance of five years. Sellers' memories have returned since being placed on Death Row awaiting execution in the electric chair. In his own words, Sellers sums up his case: "I thought I would go free at first because I didn't think I was guilty. Then when I got the death penalty I wanted to know why. I kept meditating and thinking, going back in time and then foreward again. When I hit a blank spot, I forced myself to remember. I think now I was two people - Sean and Ezurate." Investigating detectives are highly cynical of Seller's current 'born-again Christian' routine as well as skeptical about the true role satanism played in the murders. Sellers is believed to be nothing more than a young thrill-killer, committing his crimes out of hate, and with no remorse. At the time of printing, Sellers' Death Row appeals were still tied up in court. More information when it becomes available.
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