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  SHOBEK Michiah 1954 1976/10/19 BAHAMAS ... ... ... 3
1976 Nassau
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A 22-year-old handyman from Milwaukee, Shobek changed his name from James Michael Shoffner - on emigrating to Nassau, in the Bahamas. On October 18, 1976, he was sentenced to hang on conviction in the stabbing death of Irwin Borstein, a New York accountant murdered on vacation. During the course of his trial, Shobek also confessed to the murders of attorney Paul Howell, from Massillon, Ohio, and teenager Katie Smith, from Detroit, declaring that his victims - slain within a two-month period - were "angels of Lucifer," dispatched on orders from God. The first American sentenced to death in Nassau for fifteen years, Shobek was hanged on October 19 and buried in a pauper's grave.
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