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Veikko "Jammu" Siltavuori is a man who raped, burnt and buried a couple of young girls that he had picked for a car ride from this neighborhood in the late 1980s.
He originally received a 15 years-to-life sentence for his crimes as he was found mentally retarted. If that would not have been the case, he would have been sentenced to mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. The Finnish Supreme Court, however, found later some additional mitigating factors and ruled a life sentence to be overall inappropriate in his case. The reviewed sentence was the usual determinate sentence of 15 years with parole possibility after 10 years. 10 years passed and unsuccessful were his first and second parole hearings in Finnish Prison Court (similar to Parole boards in the U.S.). After serving 11 years on the third parole hearing the Prison Court finally let him on strictly supervised parole, but he nevertheless has spent the last few years in Niuvanniemi hospital (in Kuopio) for criminal-psychiatric reasons.
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