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GEDEK Robert 1994 1996
On August 6, 1996, Siswanto, a homeless Indonesian man, confessed to killing 12 boys and leaving their mutilated bodies on the streets. Siswanto, alias Robot Gedek, admitted to sexually molesting his victims, ages 9 to 15, before killing them. The dead youngsters were found with their stomachs slashed open, and most were naked. Siswanto told police he enjoyed drinking the blood of his victims and sometimes kept pieces of their skin.
His 18-month killing spree started in December 1994. The last victim was found on July 5, 1996. Eight of the killings took place in Jakarta and two in the city of Pekalongan in central Java. On May 21, 1997 an Indonesian court found Siswanto guilty of 12 murders and sentenced him to death. After sentencing, the presiding judge Sartono of the Central Jakarta State Court said Siswanto's "crimes sent shock waves through the community because he sadistically killed underage boys. What he did can never be forgiven."
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