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  SMITH Lemuel Warren USA ... ... ... 2+1
1976 NY
In 1976, Smith invaded a shop specializing in religious items at Albany, New York, murdering proprietor Robert Hedderman and one of his employees, Margaret Byron. Arrested in 1977, for the abduction of 18-year-old Marianne Maggio, at Schenectady, the defendant was convicted on all counts and sentenced to three terms of life imprisonment at the maximum security prison in Dutchess County. There, on May 15, 1981, he beat and strangled to death a female correctional officer, Donna Payant, and was charged with her murder under a state law requiring the death penalty for lifers who kill an on-duty policeman or jailer. Convicted of Payant's murder on April 21, 1983, Smith was formally sentenced to death on June 10 of that year.
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