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  SOLOMON Morris jr. 1944 USA ... ... ... 7+
1986 1987 CA
Born in 1944, Solomon was an ex-convict with a history of sexual assaults and violence, leading to his 1971 committal as a mentally disordered sex offender. Upon release from the state hospital as "cured," Solomon adopted the life-style of an itinerant handyman, repairing old homes around Sacramento, California, in exchange for free room and board. Along the way, he started killing women as a private form of sport. According to authorities, the first to die was 22-year-old Yolanda Jackson, found inside the closet of a Sacramento home on June 18, 1986. A month later, 25-year-old Angela Polidore was found dead, buried beneath debris at another home where Solomon worked as a handyman. Suspected in both cases, he walked when authorities failed to come up with the evidence needed to win an indictment. On March 19, 1987, the remains of Marie Apodoca, a teenage prostitute, were unearthed in the yard of a home in Sacramento's Oak Park district. Solomon had occupied the house until November 1986, and now detectives had their evidence in hand. More came on April 20, when Cherie Washington, age 26, was retrieved from a shallow grave in the same neighborhood. Solomon was taken into custody on April 22, after two more victims were discovered, buried at his current residence. Investigators vowed to leave no stone unturned, procuring a military helicopter with infra-red scanners to canvas the neighborhood for graves. A seventh victim was uncovered on April 29, in the same yard where Marie Apodoca was found, and the search was called off a week later, after excavation of three other "hot spots" proved fruitless. Held without bond, the lethal handyman faced seven counts of murder in the first degree.
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