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1974 MO
In the fall of 1974, St. Louis authorities were baffled by two double murders in the space of thirteen days, committed under nearly identical circumstances, defying the best efforts of local homicide detectives. On October 28, manager Frederick Gent and clerk Todd Friedman were abducted from a local electronics store, their absence reported when a customer found the shop empty that morning. A small amount of cash was evidently missing, but a larger sum was left behind, and valuable items in the shop were not disturbed. On November 10, pharmacist Bernard Grossman and his sales clerk, 18-year-old Susan Psaris, were snatched from Grossman's drugstore, shot to death execution-style on a nearby football field. Once more, aside from an apparent petty theft of cash - with larger sums ignored - there seemed to be no evidence of robbery, and Grossman's stock of drugs was left untouched. Police referred to "common threads" between the double murder and the previous abduction, but they hesitate to link the cases publicly. The case remains unsolved today, at least one killer still at large.
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