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  TROYER Daniel Ray ... USA ... ... ... 12-13
Though only charged with two killings, investigators believe former house burglar Daniel Ray TROYER may have been responsible for the deaths of as many as 13 older women. TROYER , 39, pleaded guilty to killing Drucilla OVARD, 83, and Ethel LUCKAU, 88, both in 1985. He received two consecutive life sentences. Troyer will spend the rest of his life in prison, but investigators aren't done with him yet. They want to know just how many rapes and homicides he might have committed. And even more, they want to know why.
"We have information from two independent sources who say TROYER killed 12 or 13 women," said Mike George, an investigator for the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office. Troyer's almost always went after elderly women, usually suffocating or strangling them without leaving marks, then posing their bodies so there was no sign of struggle. That has made it harder to detect the crimes, because the women's deaths were so often chalked up to heart attacks or old age.
Even the two murders TROYER pleaded guilty to almost passed as "unattended deaths," George said. Both women were transported to either a mortuary or the medical examiner before it was discovered they were murdered.
Evidence of the crimes was scarce. Police found semen-soaked towels near each victim. But in 1985, DNA testing wasn't honed enough to narrow the field. With no witnesses to his crimes, TROYER was getting away with murder.
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