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No one wants to admit it but evidence points to the existence of one or several serial killers working the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul. From 1986 to 1994 there have been 34 corpses littering the streets of the Twin Cities. Most of them were prostitutes in their twenties and thirties. Several were mutilated, dismembered, and sometimes even decapitated.

Local prostitutes have suspected the existence of a serial killer preying on them for quite some time. Police have not been as ready to sound the alarm. Three scenarios have been posited to explain the growing list of dead. One: there is a number of serial killers preying on Twin Cities women. Two: there is one or more serial killers and several murderers who have killed once or twice. Three: there is a number of nonserial killers hunting Twin Cities prostitutes. Whatever the case, 34 unresolved killings is an impressive tally to go unnoticed.

Obwohl es nicht gerne zugegeben wird, scheinen in Minneapolis und St. Paul ein oder mehrere Prostituiertenkiller ihr Unwesen zu treiben. Zwischen 1986 und 1994 wurden in der Gegend 34 Leichen aufgefunden, die meisten Prostituierte zwischen 20 und 40. Einige von ihren waren zerstückelt, schwer verstümmelt oder sogar enthauptet.

Die Polizei verfolgt drei Theorien: 1) Mehrere Serienkiller sind am Werk. 2) Ein oder mehrere Serienkiller und Einzeltäter sind verantwortlich. 3) Einige Nicht-Serienkiller jagen Prostituierte in den Twin Cities.

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