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  WEBB Dennis Duane 1952 USA ... ... ... 8+
1973 1987 CA TX
A racist drifter with his roots in northeast Texas, Webb would travel widely in the service of the outlaw motorcycle gangs to whom he owed his first allegiance. Jailed for a hometown burglary at age 20, in 1972, he reportedly killed his first victim a year later. The victim was gay, selected at random because, as Webb explained, "I don't like homosexuals." There would be other murders in the years to come. According to his subsequent confessions , Webb agreed to kill a man as part of his initiation to a biker gang, later serving the group as a hired gun, executing at least one murder-for-hire. A black victim was shot down because of his race, and Webb confessed to killing "one or two" others when they interrupted his looting of their homes. Convicted of robbery and aggravated kidnapping in Utah, during 1981, he struck a plea bargain with prosecutors, serving five and a half years before his parole in December 1986. Webb lasted two months on the street before killing again. On February 5, 1987, he invaded the home of John and Lori Rainwater, in Atascadero, California. Lori was just home from the hospital, With her five-day-old son, but Webb was deaf to her pleas for mercy as he bound both adults with surgical tape, raping man and woman alike before he shot them to death execution-style. (The newborn infant and his 18-month-old sister were unaccountably spared.) Tried for his latest rampage in June 1988, Webb was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder, with one count each of burglary and robbery thrown in for good measure. During the penalty phase of his trial, on July 15, the defendant removed his shirt in court, displaying the various gang tattoos that denoted his murders, begging the jury to recommend death. Facing the panel impassively, he said, "I have no feelings, ladies and gentlemen. My heart is a block of ice." Taking Webb at his word, jurors deliberated for ninety minutes before granting his wish.
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