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aka 1974 1975 LA
Within a single year, between November 1974 and October 1975, a vicious prowler terrorized the west side of Los Angeles, raping 33 women and killing at least ten. While all of his victims were elderly, ranging in age from 63 to 92 years, the incessant attacks spread an aura of fear city-wide, boosting gun sales, turning neighbor against neighbor as dark suspicions flourished. In the end, he slipped away without a trace and left police to search in vain for clues to his identity. The first to die, on November 7, 1974, was 72-year-old Mary Scialese, followed the next day by Lucy Grant, age 92. On November 14, the slayer claimed Lillian Kramer, 67, rebounding on the night of December 4 to kill 74-year-old Ramona Gartner. A new year brought no respite from the violence, with 71-year-old Sylvia Vogal murdered on March 22, 1975. Una Cartwright, age 78, was slaughtered on April 8, with 75-year-old Olga Harper killed two weeks later. Murdered on May 22, 86-year-old Effie Martin was the eighth fatality in 23 attacks. Her death was followed by the September homicide of Cora Perry, 79, and the slaying of 63-year-old Leah Leshefsky on October 28. By New Year's Day, two months had passed without a new assault, and residents of West L.A. began to breathe a little easier. In time, they would forget, but homicide detectives would continue searching for their man across a decade, covering the same ground endlessly, without result. Despite suggestions that another local killer -- jailed on unrelated charges during 1986 -- might be responsible for the attacks, the case remains unsolved today.
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