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While serving a eight-year sentence for robbery Ronald Glenn West, a former Toronto police officer, was charged with first-degree murder in the 1970 sex slayings of nurses Helen Ferguson and Doreen Moorby. He is also under investigation in a 1991 double murder at a picnic site just outside of Blind River, Ontario.
A jail employee at the provincial Maplehurst Detention Centre in Milton said West has would probably be assaulted by other inmates for being an ex-cop, being a suspected sex slayer, and for attacking seniors citizens. Because of the high risk for violence, West is being kept in a private cell which he cannot leave except to shower, shave and take a daily 20-minute exercise break in an interior yard.
West, who was called a quiet man by those who knew him, kept his dark side a secret from even those closest to him, his wife and sons. When West was arrested in 1995, Blind River residents were shocked, never having suspected the man who lived in their community - one where people often don't bother locking their doors - was responsible for a string of violent robberies. His sons are just as surprised by the latest charges as they were four years ago when police showed up at their riverside home on Woodward Ave., arrested their father and put them in foster care. "It's those who loved him and believed him who are most hurt by this," said Shelly Verreault, who was a foster parent to the West boys, Joseph, now 18, and Gavin, 17.
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