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1953 London
A British serial slayer, 22-year-old Alfred Whiteway was arrested on July 1, 1953, on a charge of assaulting Patricia Birch in Windsor Park. The victim had been robbed of several shillings on June 12, after an attempted rape, and while Whiteway confessed the assault, he indignantly denied any intention of robbery. "I didn't want the money," he informed police. "She thrust it on me." Whiteway's M.0. made him a prime suspect in the unsolved Teddington tow-path attacks, also committed during late May and early June. On May 24, 14-year-old Kathleen Ringham had survived the assault of a "man with a chopper," but 16-year-old Barbara Songhurst and 18-year-old Christine Reed were not so fortunate. Songhurst had been found in the Thames on June 1, with Reed fished out of the river five days later, their battered bodies bearing evidence of sexual assault. On July 15, Whiteway pled guilty on two counts of assault, in the Birch and Ringham cases; a month later, he was charged with the murders of Songhurst and Reed. His trial opened In Surrey on September 18, 1953, ending with his conviction and sentence of death on November 2.
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