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  WILDER Christopher Bernard ... +1984/04/13 USA AUSTRALIA ... ... ... 8+
WILDER Christopher Bernard
Australian born Chris Wilder was a big-spending, jet-setting, race-car driving, bon vivant who was always searching for beautiful women to rape and kill. Using the old I'm-a-photographer-in-search-of-models trick he bagged at least eight victims in a bi-continental rape and murder spree. He sometimes enjoyed practicing a type of homemade electroshock therapy on his victims. Once he glued one of his victims eyes shut. In the spring of 1984 he kidnapped Tina Marie Risico from a Torrance, California, mall and, after raping her repeatedly, forced her to assist him with his killings. As they drove eastward Wilder enjoyed watching the news reports about his crime spree. When they reached Boston he dropped Tina Marie at the airport and sent her back home to California. On April 13 he was spotted by a passing state trooper and accidentally shot himself dead while struggling for his gun.
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