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  WILKEN Stewart 1964 SOUTH AFRICA ... ... ... 11+
aka Boetie Boer 1990 1997 Port Elizabeth
Charged with at least 10 murders, five counts of sodomy and possible acts of cannibalism and necrophilia, "Boetie Boer" Stewart Wilken, Port Elizabeth's first and worst serial killer, went on trial for the strangling of his 10-year-old daughter.
The burly fisherman is the prime suspect in a series of sexually motivated killings of at least six prostitutes and four young boys in Port Elizabeth between 1990 and 1997. The killing spree allegedly ended when Wilken was arrested in January, 1997 in connection with the death of his daughter and 12-year-old Henry Baker.
In one murder apparently his fourth victim Wilken admitted to strangling a 26-year-old black woman while sodomising her. He then cut off her nipples and swallowed them. He then allegedly murdered a street child, strangling him with a belt, after the child said he would report to the police that Wilken had sodomised him. Sometimes Wilken allegedly returned to the scene of the crime to have sex with the corpses of his victims.
Not the brightest bulb, "Boetie Boer" said he killed his daughter "because she had been raped by her stepfather." Like many other sexual predators, "Boetie" revealed a life of torment in which he was sexually abused and sodomised as a young boy, began smoking dagga at the age of 8, and was forced to eat his food out of dog bowls. Hoping against hope, Wilken asked the court to give him a long prison sentence at a prison with psychiatric facilities "so that I can receive treatment and one day, if ever I am allowed free, I can also live life as a normal person".
Race, age and sex appeared to make no difference to the alleged killer, who said he hated women who swapped sex for money because they reminded him of his first wife. His youngest alleged victim was an 8-year-old boy and his final victim an elderly woman, whom he is alleged to have raped before smothering. Wilken said he "had gone looking for whores" when he drank alcohol and smoked dagga mixed with Mandrax. Wilken told the court he had looked for sex on the streets because his wives refused to have sexual relations with him.
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