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  WILLIAMS Henry Robert CANADA ... ... ... 2
1972 1973 Mississauga, Ontario
Sentenced to life imprisonment on his second conviction for rape and murder, Canadian Henry Williams opted for voluntary castration as a form of alternative treatment proposed for his evident mental disorders. Married and the father of two, Williams was advised by his trial judge that Canadian courts lacked the power to mandate emasculation, but he signed the medical release forms willingly, drawing praise from the judge for "insight and courage." Williams's latest trial concerned the rape and murder of Constance Dickey, a 19-year-old college student, in September 1972. He had been previously convicted and sentenced to life for the sex slaying of Neda Novak, age 16, in October 1973, along with the attempted murder of Julia Gosport, a teenaged visitor from England, in August 1974. All three crimes were committed in Mississauga, Ontario, and Williams confessed that he had raped two other young women in the area, sparing their lives on a whim. At his last trial, physicians testified that 900 Canadian castrations, carried out over a thirty-year period, had successfully reduced abnormal sex drives in ninety percent of all subject cases. The court offered Williams an option based on reports of inmate attitudes toward rapists and serial slayers of women. In prison, the judge decided, "he runs the real risk of being injured or killed."
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