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Serial Killer Index
serial killers by country - usa [e] countries
  EAST AREA Rapist ... ... USA ... ... ... 6+
aka EAR 1976 1986 CA
The Orange County, California, Sheriff's Department is seeking the identity of a serial rapist and murderer. Between June 1976 and July 1979, the offender, known as the East Area Rapist (EAR), committed at least 50 sexual assaults in the counties of Sacramento and Contra Costa. [ReadOn]

  EASTERN US TRUCK STOP Killer ... ... USA ... ... ... 27+
aka 1969 1992 Eastern USA

  EATON Dennis Wayne *1957 +1998/06/18 USA ... ... ... 4
aka 1989 1989 VA
Urteil: Death Penalty

  EBERLING Richard George *1930 +1998/07/25 USA ... ... ... 5
aka ... ... OH

  EDEL Frederick W. ... ... USA ... ... ... 3
aka 1926 1927 NY

An ex-convict and habitual criminal, Edel was charged with the gunshot murder of innkeeper John Mastriano at Meriden, Connecticut, on December 24, 1926. Tried and acquitted on that charge (though prosecutors still maintained his guilt), Edel was also a prime suspect in the murder of a friend, David Dudley, found shot to death near Meriden on March 23, 1927. [ReadOn]

  EDWARDS Delroy *1959 ... USA ... ... ... 6+
aka 1985 1988 NY

  EDWARDS Mack Ray *1919 ... USA ... ... ... ...
aka ... ... location
Urteil: Prison Suicide

A native of Arkansas, born in 1919, Edwards moved to Los Angeles in 1941, logging one arrest for vagrancy that April, prior to finding work as a heavy-equipment operator. In that role, he helped build the freeways that made L.A. famous, and by early 1970 he was a veteran on the job, married and a father of two, the very model of blue-collar propriety. [ReadOn]

  EDWARDS Robert Mark *1952 ... USA ... ... ... 2
aka 1986 1993 CA

  EDWARDS Vernon David jr. *1938 ... USA ... ... ... 2
aka 1954 1959 FL

  EIGHT STREET Killer ... ... USA ... ... ... 31
aka 1990s ... FL


  EL PASO MISSING GIRLS ... ... USA ... ... ... 7+
aka 1987 1987 TX

El Paso, like so many other cities in America, has seen its share of runaways in recent years. With drugs and broken homes, the promise of excitement to be found in other cities, other states, uncounted teens have fled their homes and schools to search for fame and fortune on the road. [ReadOn]

  EL PASO TAXI Killer ... ... USA ... ... ... 3
aka 1984 1985 TX

  ELLEBRACHT Walter Wesley sr.     USA        
  ELLEBRACHT Walter Wesley jr.      
  CALDWELL Robert Carlton ... ...  
aka 1980s ... TX

  ELLEDGE James ... ... USA ... ... ... 4+
aka ... ... WA

James ELLEDGE, part-time church janitor in Lynnwood attacked at least four women over 33-year span, killing two. Crimes include a 1966 robbery/kidnapping in Albuquerque, N.M.; a 1974 bludgeoning murder in Seattle; and the1998 fatal stabbing of one woman and sexual assault of another in a Lynnwood church. Status: Executed in Washington in 2001.

  ELLEDGE William Duane *1950 ... USA ... ... ... 3
aka 1974 1974 FL

  ELLIOT Eric *1978   USA       4
  GILBERT Lewis Eugene III. *1972 ... OH MO OK
aka 1994 1994  

Eric Elliott, 18, and Lewis Gilbert, 24, of Newcomerstown, Ohio, bored with their mundane existence, went on a weeklong crime spree in Ohio in 1994 leaving four dead in their wake. In 1996 Gilbert was convicted in the killing of Roxy Ruddell and was sentenced to death. [ReadOn]

  ELLWOOD Russell ... ... USA ... ... ... 8+
aka ... ... Ohio

On March 2, 1998, Russell Ellwood was arrested in connection with to two of the 24+ killings. Ellwood, a former cab driver, is suspected in fifteen more murders. However, authorities still believe more than one suspect is responsible for the string of slayings. "We never thought, from the beginning, that this was the work of one person." [ReadOn]

  ELTON Dwayne ... ... USA ... ... ... 2
aka ... ... WA

Dwayne ELTON, army sergeant from Fort Lewis, shot and killed one prostitute, strangled and sliced the throat of another. Elton dumped his victims near Madigan Army Hospital in 1984. The Seattle native later pleaded guilty to the killings in military court to avoid a death sentence. Status: In military prison in Kansas.

  EMMONS Mark S. *1961   USA       2
  HASSETT Edward *1960 ... NV
aka 1985 1985  

  EMORY Joseph ... ... USA ... ... ... 25+
aka ... ... WA

A Los Angeles osteopath, Emory was convicted of second-degree murder in 1960, after one of his female patients died in the course of an illegal abortion. Paroled in 1964, he was arrested on a new abortion charge three years later, jailed from 1967 to 1969, with his medical license revoked. [ReadOn]

  ENGELENHOVEN Kelly van *1963 ... USA ... ... ... 2
aka 1990 1991 SD

  ENGELMAN Dr. Glennon E. *1927 ... USA ... ... ... 7
  HANDY Robert ... ... MO
aka Killing Dentist      

A St. Louis dentist, linked with as many as seven homicides spanning 22 years, Engelman was first charged with murder on February 24, 1980. The victim in that case was 26-year-old Peter Halm, cut down by a sniper's bullet at Pacific, Missouri, in 1976. Engelman, age 53, was named as the trigger man in the slaying, with 47-year-old Robert Handy charged as an accomplice in an apparent scheme to collect life insurance on Halm. [ReadOn]

  ESPOSITO John *1971   USA       3
  WOODWARD Alicia *1978 ... GA
aka 1996 1996  

  ESSEX COUNTY PROSTITUTE Killer ... ... USA ... ... ... 16
aka 1994 1998 NJ

  ESTRADA Enrique *1941 ... USA ... ... ... 2
aka 1976 1976 CA

A well-known drug abuser, born in 1941, Estrada launched his criminal career at age eighteen, logging a total of twenty arrests on no less than thirty-two separate felony charges. His seven convictions included counts of burglary, larceny, damage to property, and possession of dangerous drugs. [ReadOn]

  ETHERIDGE Ellen ... ... USA ... ... ... 4
aka 1912 1913 TX
Urteil: Life

A solid family background and religious training did not spare the second wife of Texas rancher J.D. Etheridge from pangs of jealousy. When they were married in the spring of 1912, she thought the wealthy widower admired her for herself. It soon became apparent though, that he was more concerned with finding someone who would cook his meals and clean his Iarge Bosque County home, northwest of Waco. [ReadOn]

  EVANS Donald Leroy *1957 ... USA ... ... ... 2+
aka ... ... MS

Donald Leroy EVANS , an army veteran, drug addict and drifter from Galveston, Texas, is another possible serial killer with a hefty ego. A convicted rapist, he was arrested in Louisiana in 1991 where he confessed to the kidnapping and murder of a ten-year-old girl in Gulfport, Mississippi. But that wasn't all he wanted to confess. [ReadOn]

  EVANS Gary C. *1955 +1998/08/14 USA ... ... ... 5
aka 1985 1997 NY

On August 14, 1998, suspected serial killer Gary Evans died when he kicked out the window of a police van and jumped -- with his hands and feet shackled -- into the Hudson River while on his way to a court appearance. [ReadOn]

  EVONITZ Richard Marc ... ... USA ... ... ... 3+
aka ... ... VA

The name Richard EVONITZ still evokes a shudder. In the space of nine months in 1996 and 1997, Evonitz terrorized Central Virginia when he killed three teenaged girls: Sofia Silva and sisters Kati and Kristin Lisk. [ReadOn]

  EYLER Larry W. ... +1994/03/06 USA ... ... ... 19
aka Interstate Killer ... ... location

A homosexual killer struggling with life in the closet. Larry took satisfaction wherever he could and then disposed of the evidence. At one point, as the police investigated him, he sued them for half a million dollars for "psychological warfare". At his first trial the evidence against him was found inadmissible and Eyler walked out on bail to carry on with his deadly forays. [ReadOn]

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