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Serial Killer Index
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  ABEL Wolfgang *1959 ... ITALYGERMANY 0 ... 10 27+
  FURLAN Mario *1960 ...  
aka The case "Ludwig" 1977 1984 Verona, Padua, Milano (IT) Munich (DE)
Verdict/Urteil: 30 years for 10 murders (in fact free immediately under "open custody")
ABEL Wolfgang & FURLAN Mario 

Verona was an unlikely sort of city to play host to two of the most grisly serial killers in modern history. A role made that much less likely when one considered the background of this pair of sinister young men whose trial was set to shock Europe when it opened on the first day of December 1986. [ReadOn ]

BONNIE & CLYDE => Serial Killer Teams: BARROW Clyde Chestnut & PARKER Bonnie

  BECK Martha Julie *1920 +1951/01/02 USA ... ... ... 12+
  FERNANDEZ Raymond Martinez *... +1951/01/02 NY, MI
aka Lonely Hearts Killers, Honeymoon Killers 1947 1949  
Urteil: Electrolution

Known in the late 40s as the "Lonely-Hearts Killers" for their lethal swindling of lovelorn widows answering personal adds. Raymond, although Hawaiian, billed himself as a sexy Latin Lover. Martha, tipping the scale at a whooping 280 pounds, was no buttercup of love. [ReadOn]

  BERNARDO Paul     CANADA ... ... ... 3
  HOMOLKA Karla ... ... ............
aka Ken & Barbie Murders ... ...  
Urteil: Life (BERNARDO), 12 years (HOMOLKA)
News on Serial Killers Paul BERNARDO & Karla HOMOLKA

Known as the "Ken and Barbie Murders," Paul and Karla are the epidemy of the blond, blue-eyed white-trash killers. Paul, a serial rapist, was a man in constant need of a fuck. His good wife, Karla, was always glad to help her man. She actively sought girls for Paul to rape. [ReadOn]

  BIRNIE David *1951   AUSTRALIA ... ... ... 5
  BIRNIE Catherine *1951 ... Freemantle
aka 1986 1986  
Serial Killer News

An Australian native, born in 1951, Catherine Birnie was the product of a lonely, miserable childhood. Sent to live with her grandparents in Perth, following her mothers death, Catherine would later watch her grandmother die in the throes of an epileptic seizure. Neighbors recall that the child rarely laughed and had few pleasures. [ReadOn]

  BOOST Werner *1928   GERMANY ... ... ... 6+
  LORBACH Franz ... ... Düsseldorf
aka 1945 1956  

A child of post-war Germany, Werner Boost began stealing at age six, spending several years in a home for delinquents near Magdeburg. Released for military service near the end of World War II, he had a fleeting taste of action prior to being captured by the British Cease-fire brought no change in Werner's attitude, and during 1951 he was incarcerated for stealing scrap metal from cemetery vaults. [ReadOn]

  BRADY Ian Duncan *1938   Serial Killers UK ... ... ... 5+
  HINDLEY Myra *1942 ... Manchester
aka Moors Murderers 1963 1965  
Urteil: Life for both
News Timeline possible Serial Killer Carl BRANDT

Ian and Myra met while working for a chemical company in Hyde, Greater Manchester, England. She thought he was quite an intellectual as he sat in the lunch room reading Mein Kampf in German. As their love blossomed they became more obsessed with Nazi paraphernalia, pornography and sadism. [ReadOn]

  BROWN John Frank *1963   SOUTHAFRICA ... ... ... 5
  COETZEE Samuel Jacques *1969 +1997/05/.. Pretoria
aka ... ...  

Together, this South African homosexual couple is accused of killing four men and a boy in a three year killing spree that began in 1993. While in custody, the relationship between the softly spoken 26-year-old Coetzee and Brown, 32, turned sour with each accusing the other of being responsible for the killings. [ReadOn]

  CARRION Christopher Alan *1971   USA       3
  ZAEPFEL Leigh Ann *1973 ... IN OK
aka 1990 1990  
Urteil: Life

  CARSON James Michael 1950   USA       3
  CARSON Susan ... ... CA
aka Michael & Susan Bear 1981 1983  
Susan & James CARSON were 30-year old hippies from San Francisco who operated a large pot farm in Humbolt County, California. They regularly took hallucinogenic drugs, and during one of their trips, Susan had a vision to change their names (to Suzan & Michael Bear) and declare allegiance to the Muslim faith. [Weiterlesen]

  CLARK Douglas Daniel     USA       6+
  BUNDY Carol Mary ... ... CA
aka Sunset Slayer, Hollywood Slasher 1980 1980  
Born in 1948, the son of a retired navy admiral turned international engineer, Douglas Clark had lived in 37 countries by the time he settled in Southern California. He liked to call himself "the king of the one-night stands," supplementing his machinist's income through affairs with frowsy matrons, reserving his leisure time for kinky liaisons with underaged girls and young women. [Read on ]

  CLARK Henry Lovell William *1868 +1913/03/26 INDIA       2
  FULLAM Augusta Fairfield *1875 ... Agra
aka 1911 1912  

Dr Henry Lovell William Clark, a doctor in the Indian medical service in the 1930s, conspired with his mistress to murder first her husband (with arsenic to simulate "heat stroke" topped up with gelsemine to treat the "heat stroke") then his wife, who was killed by four paid assassins.

  COLEMAN Alton *1955   USA       8
  BROWN Debra Denise *1959 ... IL IN MI OH
aka 1984 1984  

Alton Coleman, a black man, thought other blacks were forcing him to kill members of his race, and he was happy to comply. He was diagnosed by a prison psychiatrist as having pansexual propensities, that is, willingness "to have intercourse with any object, women, men, children, whatever." [ReadOn]

  CONSTANZO Adolfo de Jesus     MEXICO       24+
  ALDRETE Sara (VILLAREAL Sara) ... ... Matamoros
aka The Godfather of Matamoros ... ...  

60 people went missing in the year of 1989 in Mexico. But one grabbed their attention, he was a young man from a rich family and the family put a bounty on the kidnappers head or a reward for his safe return. But no one provided any information. At the same time, police were looking at a big "anti-drug campaign" and looking at major drug lords etc. [ReadOn]

  COPELAND Ray *1913 +1993/10/.. USA       5+
  COPELAND Faye *1920 ... MO
aka 1986 1989  
One of the most unlikely serial killers in memory, Ray Copeland murdered at least five transient workers on he and his wife Faye's farm outside Chillicothe, Missourri. In October 1989, a business partner called police claiming to have come across a skull and several bones on the Copeland property. [ReadOn]

  CREIGHTON Mary Frances   +1936/07/19 USA       3
  APPELGATE Everett ... ... NJ
aka Black-eyed Borgia 1923 1935  
Urteil: Death Penalty

  DEVEGGIO James “Froggie”     USA       2
  MICHAUD Michelle “Mickie” ... ... Pleasanton CA
aka ... ...  
In Pleasanton, California, on December 2, 1997, 22-year-old Vanessa Lei Samson was abducted while making her usual morning walk to work.  A dark green minivan pulled up beside her, the door opened and she was gone. [ReadOn]

  DUDLEY Kenneth Edwin     USA       6
  DUDLEY Irene Gwyn ... ... NY FL AZ KY
aka 1946 1961  
On February 9, 1961, the body of a female child was found along Route 1, near Lawrenceville, Virginia. Indications of severe abuse included bruises, open sores, a healing fracture of the child's right leg. The cause of death was listed as a combination of exposure to the elements and malnutrition. [ReadOn]

  ESPOSITO John *1971   USA       3
  WOODWARD Alicia *1978 ... GA
aka 1996 1996  

  GALLEGO Gerald Armand     USA       10
  GALLEGO Charlene (WILLIAMS) ... ... CA
aka Sex Slave Murderers 1978 1980  

In 1955 Gerald's father was executed in Mississippi's gas chamber for killing two cops. As luck would have it, Gerald turned out meaner that his pop. When he was thirteen he was arrested for raping a six-year-old girl. Years later he was arrested for having sex with his teen-age daughter. [ReadOn]

  GRAHAM Gwendolyn Gail     USA       5
  WOOD Catherine May ... ... location
aka 1987 1987  

It was in Walker, Michigan in 1987 where a pair of lesbians made death a sexual game.  Gwendolyn Gail Graham, 23, and Catherine May Wood, 24, worked together at the Alpine Manor Nursing Home.  Graham was a nurse's aide and Wood was her immediate superior.  Wood had divorced and gained an enormous amount of weight, so she was hungry for a friend.  When she met Graham, they immediately hit it off and soon became lovers. [ReadOn]

  HALL Archibald Thomson *1924   UK ... ... ...
  KITTO Michael      
Monster Butler, FONTAINE Roy, HALL Roy    
Verdict/Urteil: Life (HALL); 15 years (KITTO)
Archibald Thompson Hall was a scot born in Glasgow on 17th June 1924. While still in his teens he ventured into a career of petty crime scam involving two Red Cross collection tins, the tin containing the small change was for the Red Cross while the other one was for paper money and this was for him. [ReadOn]

  HARRELSON Sharon Lynn     USA 2
  ADAMS Gary Starr 1945/1943   CO
1978 1988  

  HOWELL Michael Wayne     USA 4
  WATSON Mona Lisa 1959/1960   AL TN OK

  INFANTE JIMENEZ Rudolfo *1963   MEXICO       8
  VILLEDA Anna Maria *1971 ... Metamoros
aka ... ...  

  IONOSYAN Vladimir M. ... +1964/02/01 RUSSIA ... ... ... 5+
  DMITRIEVA Alevtina ... ... Moscow
aka 1964 1964  
Urteil: Death by Firing Squad (IONOSYAN); 15 years (DMITRIEVA)

In early January 1964, residents of Moscow whispered warnings to their neighbors of a mysterious, long-nosed killer prowling the city, knocking on doors at random, gaining entry to the homes of his victims by posing as a meter-reader for Moscow Gas. [ReadOn]

  KEARNEY Patrick Wayne     USA ... ... ... 28+
  HILL David Douglas     CA
Serial Killer KEARNEY Patrick Wayne

On July 5, 1977, authorities in Riverside, California, announced the confessions of two male suspects in a series of grisly "trash bag" murders, thought to include fifteen victims in five different counties since 1973. [ReadOn]

  KELBACH Walter 1938/1941   USA ... ... ... 5
  LANCE Myron 1938/1941   UT
Serial Killer KELBACH Walter 

Ex-convicts Walter Kelbach (aged twenty-eight) and Myron Lance (aged twenty-five) were cousins and gay lovers. On the night of December 17th, 1966, the two homosexuals got high on drugs and drove to a gas station in Salt Lake City. [ReadOn]

  KLENNER Frederick Robert jr. 1956 1985/06/03 USA ... ... ... 8
  LYNCH Susan ... ... KY NC
Police knew Fred Klenner was dangerous when they spotted his van on the outskirts of Greensboro, North Carolina, on June 3, 1985. A month earlier, he had slaughtered a family of three at Winston-Salem, and he was also sought in connection with the 1984 murders of a mother and daughter in Prospect, Kentucky. [ReadOn]

  LELIÈVRE André     FRANCE ... ... ... 7
  LELIÈVRE Yvetta      
1950s 1960s

  MAKIN Sarah     AUSTRALIA 7+
  MAKIN John     ... ... ... 7+

  MARLOW James Gregory     USA ... ... ... 3
  COFFMAN Cynthia Lynn 1956/1962   CA

Born in 1962, Cynthia Coffman was the privileged daughter of a St. Louis businessman, raised by her parents as a devout Catholic. Abortion was unthinkable when she got pregnant at age seventeen, and she was forced into a loveless marriage, enduring five years of domestic captivity before she left home and fled west, traveling with little more than her car and the clothes on her back. [ReadOn]

Die 24-jährige Cynthia und der 29-jährige James aus Arizona mordeten fünf Wochen lang von Südkalifornien bis Kentucky. Beide waren schwer drogensüchtig, sie hatten einander kennengelernt, als Cynthia einen Freund im Gefängnis besuchte. [Weiterlesen]

  MARTIN Bradlyn A.     USA ... ... ... 3
  KING Carolyn A. 1972/1966   PA ND NV

  MILLER James William *1938   AUSTRALIA 7
  WORRELL Christopher Robin *1954 +1977/02/19 Adelaide
1976 1977  
The rare team involves a person who just goes along, as James William Miller insisted happened with him and his heartthrob, Christopher Robin Worrell on a 51-day spree in the late 1970s in Australia.  Worrell would have Miller drive to pick up girls, and after he had sex with them and killed them, he'd make Miller help him dump the bodies.  [ReadOn]

  NEELLEY Alvin Howard     USA 8+
  NEELLEY Judith Ann      
Verdict/Urteil: 2x Life (Alvin NEELLEY) Death Penalty (Judith NEELLEY)

Al Neelley couldn't get along with women. His first marriage was a violent debacle, marked by savage beatings, and he once served time for shooting his wife in the back with a pistol. Defense attorneys claim that wife number two received the same kind of treatment, and worse, transforming her into a virtual slave, but Alvin tells another story, describing Judith Ann as his murderous soul-mate, the "brains" behind most of the dozen-odd murders he later confessed.  [ReadOn]

  NG Charles Chitat ... ... USA 25+
  LAKE Leonard ... ... CA

One team killer who was in it for the thrill was Leonard Lake.  When he was arrested in 1985 for illegal possession of a weapon, he swallowed a cyanide capsule.  The police were mystified by his rather extreme reaction, but then they found out his secrets. [ReadOn]

  NORTHCOTT Gordon Stewart & Louisa     USA 4+
  NORTHCOTT Louisa     CA
Chicken Murders      

Canadian born in 1908, Northcott would later claim that his father sodomized him at age ten. The old man finished his life in a lunatic asylum, and one of Northcott's paternal uncles died years later, in San Quentin, while serving a life term for murder. [ReadOn]

  OSTYAKOV     AUSTRIA        
  OSTYAKOV ... ... location
aka ... ...  

  PANDY Andras     BELGIUM ... ... ... 6+
  PANDY Agnes     Brussels
Serial Killer Andras PANDY

On October 20, 1997 Belgian authorities charged Andras Pandy -- a 70-year-old protestant pastor from Hungary -- with the murder of two of his ex-wives and four of his eight children. His daughter Agnes, 40, who claims that her father sexually abused her from the age of 13, confessed to helping kill five family members and was charged as an accessory to the murders. [ReadOn]

  PAULIN Thierry     FRANCE ... ... ... 20+
  MATHURIN Jean-Thierry 1984 1987 Paris
Old Ladies Killer, Monster of Montmartre    

Known as the "Old Ladies Killer" and the "Monster of Montmarte" these two men terrorized elderly Parisian ladies in the district of Montmarte from 1984 to 1987. Paulin, a native of Guyana, was a black transvestite drug addict with dyed platinum blonde hair. [ReadOn]

  RAY David     USA 0-6+
  HENDY Cindy    

David Parker RAY and Cindy HENDY have at least six skeletons in the closet that could be dredged from Elephant Butte Lake or dug from shallow graves in the desert. As of March 22, 1999, numerous FBI agents, including psychological "profilers," converged on a trailer home in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, to gather evidence in a case of sexual torture and possible multiple murder. [ReadOn]

  RUDA Manuela     GERMANY 1
  RUDA Daniel      
aka Verdict/Urteil:

  SCHAEFFER Gerrit C.     NETHERLANDS ... ... ... 4
  SCHAEFER Mrs.     Rotterdam
1951 1958  
no pict

  SIMS Mitchell Carlton & *1960   USA ... ... ... 3
  PADGETT Ruby Carolyn *1965   CA SC
Killing Team 1985    
A drifter from South Carolina, 25-year-old Mitchell Sims liked to call himself "a human ashtray," amusing his friends by stubbing out cigarettes on his bare chest. Self-mutilation was only one of his pastimes, however, and Sims also cultivated a deep interest in the occult . [ReadOn]

  STARKWEATHER Charles Raymond *1938 +1959/06/25 USA ... ... ... 11
  FUGATE Caril Ann *1943   WY NE
1957 1958  
Verdict/Urteil: Tod am Elektrischen Stuhl (STARKWEATHER) 20 Jahre (FUGATE)
 FUGATE Caril Ann

Born to poverty in Lincoln, Nebraska, during 1940, Charles Starkweather was the runt of the litter, myopic and bowlegged, standing five foot two at age 17. Taunted by classmates in school, he lapsed into "black moods" as a child, developing "a hate as hard as iron" against his fellow man. [ReadOn]

  TODD Sweeney *1756 +1802/01/25 UK ... ... ... 160+
  LOVETT Margery     London
Human Ghoul 1784 1801  
TODD suicide

  WEST Frederick Walter 1942/1953 1995/01/01 UK ... ... ... 12+
  WEST Rosemary Pauline      
1967 1987 Gloucester
WEST Frederick Walter  WEST Rosemary Pauline
Rosemary and her husband Fred West, were accused of murdering 10 women and young girls over a 16 year period ending in 1987. They enjoyed luring away vulnerable runaways with offers of rides, lodging or jobs as nannies. [ReadOn]

  YOUNG Lila Gladys     CANADA       ?100+
  YOUNG William Peach ... ... Hallifax
aka ... ...  

Lila Coolen was the daughter of devout Seventy-Day Adventist parents, born at Fox Point, Nova Scotia, in 1899. At age twenty-six, she met and married William Peach Young, an Oregon native transplanted to New Brunswick, where he aspired to the role of an Adventist medical missionary without benefit of ordination or medical training. [ReadOn]

Lila Coolen was the daughter of devout Seventy-Day Adventist parents, born at Fox Point, Nova Scotia, in 1899. At age twenty-six, she met and married William Peach Young, an Oregon native transplanted to New Brunswick, where he aspired to the role of an Adventist medical missionary without benefit of ordination or medical training. [Weiterlesen]

  YOUNG Robert   +1980/02/.. USA       4
  WRIGHT Blanche *1959 ... NY
aka 1974 1980  
Shootout with Police

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