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Serial Killer Index
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serial killer teams subtopics
  BAILEY Leslie *1950 +1993/10/.. UK ... ... 3 25
  BARRELL Stephen *... ...  
  COOKE Sidney *1928 ...  
  OLIVER Robert *1955 ...  
aka Catweazle 1980s ... ...
Pedophile slayers of boys

  BAKER Allan ... ... AUSTRALIA ... ... ... ...
  CRUMP Kevin ... ...  
aka ... ... location

  BARROW Clyde Chestnut *1909 +1934/05/.. USA ... ... ... 16
  PARKER Bonnie *1910 +1934/05/.. TX OK MO
  BARROW Ivan *1901 +1933/07/..  
  HAMILTON Raymond   +1935/05/..  
  JONES William Daniel *1915    
aka Bonnie & Clyde      
Urteil: Death Penalty (HAMILTON); Life (JONES)

Bonnie Parker liked to write poetry about the exploits of her lover, Clyde Barrow, and she found his violence erotic.  Deputy Ted Hinton was one of the six officers who ambushed and shot the couple to death.  [ReadOn]

  BEANE Sawney ... ... UK ... ... ... ?
    ... ... location
aka Beane Family ... ...  

  BEMORE Terry Douglas *1956 ... USA ... ... ... 2
  COSBY Keith *1959 ... CA
aka 1985 1985  

  BENDER William     USA ... ... ...  
  BENDER Ma     location
  BENDER John      
  BENDER Kate ... ...  
aka Bender Family ... ...  
Urteil: Disappeared

On the high prairie the Bender family -- John, his wife , son, and daughter Kate -- in 1871 built a small house. Partitioned in two rooms by a canvas cloth it had a table, stove and grocery shelves in front. [ReadOn]

  BIANCHI Kenneth Alessio     USA ... ... ... 9+
  BUONO Angelo jr. ... ... CA
aka Hillside Stranglers ... ...  

A more dangerous team of blood relatives was composed of the two cousins who came to be known as the Hillside Stranglers. October 17, 1977, Yolanda Washington, 19, was picked up,  strangled, and dumped near the entrance to Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.  [ReadOn]

  BIJEH Mohammad ... ... Serial Killers IRAN ... ... ... 21+
  BAGHI Ali *... +... Tehran
aka Vampires of the Tehran Desert ... ...  

  BITTAKER Lawrence Sigmund *1940/09/27   USA ... ... ... 5+
  NORRIS Roy Lewis *1948/02/05 ... CA
aka ... ...  

Lawrence Bittaker was serving time for assault with a deadly weapon, in 1978, when he met Roy Norris at the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo. A convicted rapist, Norris recognized a soul-mate in Bittaker, and they soon became inseparable. [ReadOn]

  BONIN William   +1996/02/23 USA ... ... ... 14+
  BUTTS Vernon   +1981/01/11 CA
  MUNRO James Michael      
  MILEY Gregory M.      
  PUGH William Ray      
  WIJNAENDTS Eric Marten ... ...  
aka California Freeway Killers 1972 1980  
Verdict/Urteil: Death Penalty (BONIN), 25-to-life (MILEY), 15-to-life (MUNRO)

Crimes & Victims:
Between December 1972 and June 1980 at least 44 young men and boys become victims of at least one unidentified “Freeway Killer” in seven Southern California counties.
Eleven of those victims killed prior to 1976 are known or suspected homosexuals, so the killer might be gay himself. [ReadOn]

  BRAUN Thomas Eugene *1951   USA ... ... ... 3
  MAINE Leonard *1951 ... WA OR
aka 1967 1967  

A native of rural Washington state, born in 1949, Thomas Braun lost his mother in early childhood as the result of a clumsy, illegal abortion. Left in the care of their alcoholic father , Braun and his younger sister were frequently locked in a truck for safekeeping while the old man made his rounds of local taverns. [ReadOn]

  BROOKS Benjamin Harold *1967   USA ... ... ...  
  TREESH Frederick James *1964 ... MI OH
aka 1994 1994  

  BURKE Peter *1959   USA ... ... ...  
  CRAWFORD Cody Vernon *1958   NM
  THACKER Oren *1958 ...  
aka 1974 1974  

  BURKE William *1792 +1829 UK ... ... ... 12+
  HARE William ... ... location
aka 1827 1828  
Urteil: Death by Hanging (BURKE)

Possibly two of Scotland's most gruesome imports were the serial killers William Burke and William Hare. Burke and Hare hailed from Ulster and moved to Scotland to work as labourers on the Union Canal. [ReadOn]

  BURROWS Erskine Durrant   +1977/12/01 BERMUDA ... ... ... 5
  TACKLYN Larry Winfield ... +1977/12/01 ...
aka ... ...  
Urteil: Death by Hanging

  BURSE Nathaniel *1955 +1979 USA ... ... ... 12
  CLARK Michael *1957   IL AK
  JACKSON Garland *1956    
  MORAN Edward jr. *1955 +1979  
  PATRY Darrell *1958    
  TAYLOR Donald *1957    
  TAYLOR Reuben *1956    
  WILSON Robert *1960 ...  
aka De Mau Mau 1978 1978  

  BUX Jose Miculax   +1946/07/18 GUATEMALA ... ... ... 12
  MACU Mariano ... +1946/07/18 location
aka 1946 1946  

On July 18, 1946, Jose Miculax Bux was executed by a firing squad , on conviction of murdering twelve boys between the ages of ten and sixteen. No further details were released, aside from the fact that a male accomplice of Bux, one Mariano Macu, had been sentenced to thirty years hard labor for participation in the murder spree.

  CHANEY Ben jr. *1953   USA       4
  RUTRELL Martin *1955   FL SC
  THOMPSON L.L. *1950 +1970  
aka ... ...  

A child of New York City, born in 1955, Rutrell was 15 years old when he joined accomplice L.L. Thompson, 20, in a five-week murder tour of Dixie. Driven by racism and a thirst for "adventure," the black gunmen shot and wounded three white college students in Durham, North Carolina, on April 15, 1970, rolling on from there to murder another Caucasian, J.J. Bowles, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 3. [ReadOn]

  CHILDS Bruce *1936   UK      


  McKENNY Henry ... ... ...
aka 1965 1979  

  CLOPTON Phillip *1951 1990/04/.. USA       3
  CABLE James Ray *1949 ... KY
aka 1989 1990  

James Ray Cable pleaded not guilty yesterday in Jefferson Circuit Court to the murders of two women. He also is charged in Daviess County with murdering a third woman. Cable was out of prison on parole at the time of all three slayings, which took place in the 1980s. [ReadOn]

  COLLIER Cindy *1968   USA       1
  WOLF Shirley *1969 ... CA
aka 1983 1983  
Cindy COLLIER und Shirley WOLF were 15 and 14 years old, when they startet prowling condominiums in California in 1983. They knocked at doors of randomly chosen victims, to gain admittance under a pretext. An elderly woman opened and chatted with them unsuspectingly, while the two girls planned to steal the lady´s car.[ReadOn]

  COOK Anthony ... ... USA ... ... ... 9+
  COOK Nathaniel ... ... Toledo OH
aka 1973 1981  

Anthony Cook, at times aided by his brother Nathaniel, embarked on a murder spree in the Toledo, Ohio, area that killed nine people from 1973 until his 1981 arrest for murder. If not for DNA evidence that had been preserved for twenty years, however, the scope of his and Nathaniel's crimes would likely never been known. [ReadOn]

  CORLL Dean Allen ... ... USA ... ... ... 27
  HENLEY Elmer Wayne     TX
  BROOKS David Owen ... ...  
aka Candyman ... ...  

Indiana born, on Christmas Eve of 1939, Dean Corll grew up in a combative home, his parents quarreling constantly. They were divorced while Corll was still an infant, then remarried after World War II, but Dean's father provided no stabilizing influence, regarding his children with thinly-veiled distaste, resorting to harsh punishment for the smallest infractions. [ReadOn]

  DANIELS Murl *1924 +1949/01/03 USA       5+
  WEST John Coulter ... ... OH
aka 1948 1948  
Urteil: Death by Electrolution

Murl Daniels and John West One could easily get away with calling Murl Daniels and John Coulter West as "The Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole of Ohio." In a way they were much like Lucas and Toole, two partners in crime who decided to go on a pointless rampage of murder and mayhem. [ReadOn]

  DLAMINI Bongani ... +... Serial Killers South Africa ... ... ... ...
  Dube Sipho ... +... ...
aka ... ... ...
Urteil: ...

  DOHMEYER Juergen *1948   GERMANY       3
  LEUKING Kurt *1954 ... Hannover
aka 1983 1983  

  DUFFY John Francis     UK       3+
  MULCAHY David ... ... location
aka Railway Rapist ... ...  
On February 5, 2001, British serial sex killer David Mulcahy was given three life sentences for murdering three women. He also received 24-year jail terms on each of seven counts of rape and 18 years each for five conspiracies to rape, to run concurrently. In short, Mulcahy, 41, was convicted after his childhood friend, John Duffy, spent 14 days in the witness box cataloguing their rape and murder scheme. [ReadOn]

  ELLEBRACHT Walter Wesley sr.     USA        
  ELLEBRACHT Walter Wesley jr.      
  CALDWELL Robert Carlton ... ...  
aka 1980s ... TX

  ELLIOT Eric *1978   USA       4
  GILBERT Lewis Eugene III. *1972 ... OH MO OK
aka 1994 1994  

Eric Elliott, 18, and Lewis Gilbert, 24, of Newcomerstown, Ohio, bored with their mundane existence, went on a weeklong crime spree in Ohio in 1994 leaving four dead in their wake. In 1996 Gilbert was convicted in the killing of Roxy Ruddell and was sentenced to death. [ReadOn]

  EMMONS Mark S. *1961   USA       2
  HASSETT Edward *1960 ... NV
aka 1985 1985  

  ENGELMAN Dr. Glennon E. *1927 ... USA ... ... ... 7
  HANDY Robert ... ... MO
aka Killing Dentist      

A St. Louis dentist, linked with as many as seven homicides spanning 22 years, Engelman was first charged with murder on February 24, 1980. The victim in that case was 26-year-old Peter Halm, cut down by a sniper's bullet at Pacific, Missouri, in 1976. Engelman, age 53, was named as the trigger man in the slaying, with 47-year-old Robert Handy charged as an accomplice in an apparent scheme to collect life insurance on Halm. [ReadOn]

  FLANAGAN Catherine   1884/03/05 UK       3+
  HIGGINS Margaret ... ... Liverpool
aka ... ...  

55 year old hanged at Kirkdale prison, Liverpool by Bartholomew Binns, side by side with her sister, Margaret Higgins. Flanagan and Higgins were both convicted of the poisoning of 44 year old Higgin's husband, Thomas, for his life insurance. [ReadOn]

  FLUETTE Todd Everett ... ... USA        
  KRING David Allen *... ... San Diego
aka Balboa Park Murders 1992 ... location

  FRENCH Anne     USA       7+
  FRENCH William Donald ... ... MT WA
aka Shoebox Annie Mayer 1920s ...  

  GARGIULO Mario     ITALY       3
  GARGIULO Elvino ... ... location
aka ... ...  

  GECHT Robin     USA       18+
  KOKORALEIS Andrew     IL
  KOKORALEIS Thomas      
  SPREITZER Edward ... ...  
aka Chicago Rippers ... ...  

  GHIRA Andrea     ITALY       2+
  GUIDO Giovanni     Circeo
  IZZO Angelo ... ...  
aka Monster of Circeo 1975 1975  

  GONZALES Delfina     MEXICO       91+
  GONZALES Maria de Jesus ... ... Guanajuata
aka 1950s 1963  

These two deadly sisters ran the bordello from hell in Guanajuato, Mexico. They recruited their prostitutes through help wanted adds and killed them when they stopped pleasing the clientele. Sometimes they even killed the johns who showed up to the brothel with big wads of cash.
After too many unexplained disappearances the cops raided the premises where they found the bodies of eleven males, eighty females, and several fetuses - obviously from illegal abortions.

  GOODMAN Keith Eugene *1959   USA       4
  HOLLAND Tracy Lynn *1968   NY
  MEAD Jon Christopher *1967 ...  
aka 1989 1990  

  GORE David Alan *1953/08/21   USA        
  WATERFIELD Fred ... ... FL
aka ... ...  
A Florida native, born in 1951, David Gore resembled the stereotypical Southern "redneck," tipping the scales at 275 pounds, so enamored of firearms that he studied gunsmithing in his free time. He studied women, too, but in a different fashion, losing one job as a gas station attendant after the owner found a peephole Gore had drilled between the men's and women's restrooms. [ReadOn]

  GREENAWALT Randy *1949/02/24 +1997/01/23 USA ... ... ... 9
  TISON Gary Gene *... +... USA ... ... ... ...
aka 1973 1978 AZ CO
Urteil: Death by Lethal Injection
In retrospect, considering the time he spent in jail, it seemed incredible that Gary Tison could command such loyalty from his family. Imprisoned at the age of 25 for robbery, he took advantage of a meeting with his wife to flee the county jail in Florence, Arizona. Recaptured and later paroled, [ReadOn]

  GRETZLER Douglas Edward *1951/05/21 +1998/06/03 USA       16+
  STEELMAN William Luther ... ... CA
aka ... ...  
On June 4, 1998, rampager Douglas Edward Gretzler -- who had been on death row since November 15, 1976 -- was executed by lethal injection for two murders in Arizona's first daytime execution. Gretzler, 47, who along with mental hospital escapee Willie Luther Steelman, confessed to killing 17 people during a week long rampage through Arizona and northern California. [ReadOn]

  HAERM DR. Teet *1953   SWEDEN ... ... ... 10+
  ALLGEN DR. Thomas Lars *1949   Stockholm
aka Vampire Doctors 1982 1987  

The brutal murder of Katrina de Costa, a prostitute in the red light district began the case against two rather unlikely suspects. Over a five-year-period, between 1982 and 1987, at least seven prostitutes solicited by the night stalking pair were pulled from the streets and seedy nightclubs. Dismembered and bloodless bodies were found strewn around fields, parks, and ravines in the city suburbs. [ReadOn]

  HALEY Kevin Bernard *1964   USA ... ... ... 7
  HALEY Reginald *1960 ... CA
1983 1984  

The Haley brothers made a lethal team. Born in 1960 and 1964, respectively, Reginald and Kevin did everything together, sharing drugs and women, ultimately joining forces in a two-man crime wave that would terrorize Los Angeles. [ReadOn]

  HALSTEAD Dennis *1955   USA ... ... ... 4
  KOGUT John & RESTIVO John *1964        
  RESTIVO John      
1984 1985 NY
In 1984 and early 1985, Long Island was the scene of several rapes and murders aimed at teenage girls, with evidence suggesting that the crimes had been committed by a mobile group including three or more young men. Police have solved one case, with indications that the perpetrators -- and unknown accomplices -- may be responsible for other slayings in the area. New evidence, secured by newsman Maury Terry, further indicates the possible involvement of a devil-worship cult with ties to other lethal groups in New York City and in California. [ReadOn]

  HARPE Micajah *1768 +1799/08/.. USA ... ... ... 40+
  HARPE Wiley *1770 +1804/02/08 TN IL KY MS
1798 1804  
Brothers Big and Little Harpe have been credited by historian Paul I. Wellman with 30+ murders in Kentucky and Tennessee in the 1790's. The wandering types, they enjoyed killing on whim. Once Big Harpe quieted a crying baby by bashing its skull in. Many victims were disposed by stuffing stones within their abdomens before dumping them in the nearest river. [ReadOn]

  HERNANDEZ Cayetano ... ... MEXIKO ... ... ... 12
  HERNANDEZ Santos ... *1963 Tamaulipas
  SOLIS Magdalena ... ...  
aka High Priestess of Blood 1963 ...  
Verdict/Urteil: 30 years (each)
Santos and Cayetano Hernandez recruited Magdalena Solis and her brother Eleazor to pose as mystical gods so their gang could exhort money and sex from thier followers. Early in 1963, the Hernandez brothers convinced the remote village of Yerba Buena that the Inca gods of the mountain were willing to give them fabulous wealth in exchange for their undivided loyalty and sexual favors. [ReadOn]

  HUBBARD Vincent *1965   USA 3
  HUBER Eileen *1971   CA
  LEWIS John Irvin *1970    
  MACHUCA Robin *1965    

  HURD Steven Craig *1950   USA 2
  GIBONEY Christopher *1953    
  HULSE Arthur *1964    
  TAYLOR Herman *1963    
1970   CA
A barbiturate addict and native of Southern California, born in 1950, by the age of 20 Hurd had organized a small Satanic cult in Orange County, recruiting three teenage boys and a 31-year-old woman as his devoted followers. From time to time, as cash ran short, they lived like trolls, in highway culverts, dropping pills and raiding garbage cans for food. [ReadOn]

  ISAAC Tommy Lee *1976   USA       3
  JOHNSON Roderick *1975   TX
  JONES Aubrey *1976    
  WHALEY Michael *1974    
  WHALEY Terrell *1975 ...  
aka 1992 1992  

  JACKSON Peyton     USA ... ... ... 15+
  JACKSON O´Delle     AL
  JACKSON Pearl      
  REED John      
  GLOVER Fred      
1919 1923  

  JOHNSTON Bruce sr. *1939   USA ... ... ... 9+
  JOHNSTON David     PA
  JOHNSTON Norman      
  HAMM Ancell Eugene      
1970 1985  

  JONES John Ray *1971   USA ... ... ... 2
  ROSE Jason Wayne *1968   OR

  JONES Milton *1970   USA ... ... ... 2
  SIMMONS Theodore *1969   NY

  KALLINGER Joseph     USA ... ... ... 3
  KALLINGER Michael      
Philadelphia Shoemaker    

Joseph Kallinger, a cobbler by trade, led a life steeped in madness and crime. As an adopted child he grew up under the constant abuse from his parents. It is no surprise that when he became a father he was abusive too. [ReadOn]

  KAUFFMAN Christopher 1979/1975   USA ... ... ... 2
  McMAHAN Jamie 1979/1975   IA

  KEENE Marvallaus *1933   USA ... ... ... 5
  SMITH Demarcus *1975   OH
  MATTHEWS Heather      
  TAYLOR Laura      
1992 1992  

  KIMES Sante     USA ... ... ... 2+
  KIMES Kenneth      
The Grifters    

  KNIGHTON Robert Wesley *1942   USA ... ... ... 4
  BRITTAIN Lawrence Lingle *1973   MO OK
  WILLIAMS Ruth Renee      
1990 1990  

  KNOPPA Anthony Michael *1948   USA ... ... ... 4
  LANHAM Harry     TX
1971 1971  
On November 3, 1971, the body of 16-year-old Adele Crabtree was found outside Conroe, Texas. Last seen alive at a "hippy" commune in Houston, she was fully clothed when found, her death attributed to close-range shotgun blasts. The same day, Linda Sutherlin was reported missing in Houston, when she failed to come home after work. [ReadOn]

  LeFRANC Family     FRANCE ... ... ... ?

On May 27, 1998, authorities accuseed the Lefrancs -- a clan of inbreds in northern France -- of murdering several babies, the offspring of an incestuous relationship between the daughter and her three brothers. [ReadOn]

  LEGRAND Devernon *1925   USA ... ... ... 6+
  LEGRAND Steven *1950   NY
1963 1975  

A New York native, born in 1925, LeGrand was arrested on charges of kidnapping , assault, and firearms possession in 1965. Three years later, police accused him of snatching a 23-year-old woman from her home, assaulting and raping her before she managed to escape. [ReadOn]

  LEWINGDON Gary James     USA ... ... ... 8+
  LEWINGDON Thaddeus Charles      
.22 Caliber Killers    
Between February and December 1978, residents of Columbus, Ohio, were panicked by a string of random, senseless murders, characterized by nocturnal ambush and home invasions, with victims shot numerous times in the head at close range. Police were stymied in their search for the ".22-caliber Killer," and only a clumsy mistake by one gunman prevented the crimes from continuing indefinitely. [ReadOn]

  LIM Adrian   +1988/11/.. SINGAPORE      
  HONG Hoe Kah   +1988/11/..
  CHOO Tan Mui   +1988/11/.. ...
aka 1981 1981
Verdict/Urteil: Death by Hanging (1983

  LISTER Alfred     AUSTRALIA ... ... ...
  NICHOLS George      

  LUCAS Henry Lee     USA ... ... ... 200+
  TOOLE Otis Elwood      
Verdict/Urteil: Todesurteil (LUCAS) 6x Lebenslange Haft (TOOLE)

America's most controversial murderer was born August 23, 1936, at Blacksburg, Virginia. The Lucas family home was a two-room, dirt-floor cabin in the woods outside of town, where Henry's alcoholic parents brewed bootleg whiskey, his mother doing occasional turns as the neighborhood prostitute. [ReadOn]

  LUCKMAN Paul     AUSTRALIA ... ... ...
  REID Robin      

  MAKAMU Fanuel     Serial Killer South Africa ...
  MAILE Henry    


News on Serial Killers Fanuel MAKAMU & Henry MAILE

  MANNING Clyde     USA ... ... ... 10+
  WILLIAMS John     GA

It was the autumn of 1920 when two black farm workers contacted the U.S. Justice Department in Atlanta and told federal agents a harrowing story of forced servitude and brutality on the William's farm. Once John Williams learned of this investigation he and Clyde Manning started the killing. [ReadOn]

  MANSON Charles Milles *1934/11/12   USA ... ... ... 9+
  ATKINS Susan     CA
  KRENWINKEL Patricia      
  HOUTEN Leslie van      
  BRUNNER Mary      
  FROMME Lynette "Squeaky"      
  BEAUSOLEIL Robert Kenneth      
born No Name MADDOX    


From Left: Manson, Atkins, Beausoleil, Fromme, Watson, van Houten, Kasabian, Krenwinkel, Brunner

Self-styled guru and leader of the 1960s religious cult the Manson Family, Charles Manson is a convicted serial killer who never actually killed any of his victims himself.


  McCRARY Sherman Ramon *1925 +1988/10/09 USA ... ... ... 22+
  McCRARY Carolyn Elizabeth *1928   nationwide
  McCRARY Danny Sherman *1952    
  McCRARY Ginger *1938    
  TAYLOR Carl Robert *1949    
1971 1972  

On June 16, 1972, a Santa Barbara police officer was shot and wounded by a gunman fleeing the scene of an $11,000 supermarket robbery. Witnesses recalled the license number of the bandit's car, and it was traced to an address in suburban Goleta, occupied by 47-year-old Sherman McCrary, his wife Carolyn, and their 19-year-old son Danny. [ReadOn]

  McDUFF Kenneth Allen *1946 +1998/11/17 USA ... ... ... 10+
  GREEN Roy Dale *1948   TX
  WORLEY Alva Hank *1958    
1966 1992  
Verdict/Urteil: Death Penalty (McDUFF)
On November 17, 1998 serial killer Kenneth Allen McDuff was finally put to death by lethal injection in Huntsville prison for the 1992 abduction, rape and murder of 22-year-old Melissa Ann Northrup, a pregnant mother of two from Waco. Before dying, the 52-year-old McDuff said, "I'm ready to be released; release me." [ReadOn]

  McFARLANE Michael *... +... USA ... ... ... 11+
  JACKSON William *...   NY
  AIKENS Thomas *...    
1980 1980  
Verdict/Urteil: 25 years to life
On February 23, 1980, New York police announced the arrests of 20-year-old Michael McFarlane, 19-year old William Jackson, and 19-year-old Thomas Aikens, on charges of killing five persons and wounding a sixth in Manhattan, during a two -week string of petty robberies. Authorities also suspected the trio of six more murders, in the Bronx, committed since mid-January. [ReadOn]

  MUHAMMAD John Allen     USA 12+
  MALVO John Lee     WA
Washington Sniper      
John A. Muhammad Mechanic, Tacoma/Bellingham
Best known in connection with a seemingly random series of sniper shootings in the Washington, D.C.-area last fall, they are suspected of 13 slayings and five attempted killings in five states and the District of Columbia, including the fatal shooting of Keenya Cook in Tacoma in February 2002.

  MUNOZ Jose     USA 3
  MUNOZ Romero Orlando Gene     CA
  SELF Christopher 1970/1968/19    

  NAGYREV Angelmakers of     HUNGARY ... ... ... 100+

Nagyrev is a farming village on the River Tisza in Hungary, about sixty miles southeast of Budapest, near another town called Tiszakurt.  For a time, a community of killers flourished in these two places... thanks to the midwives.  [ReadOn]

  NICKLASSON Allen L. ... ... USA 3
  SKILLICORN Dennis J. 1972/1960   AZ MO

  ORJI Clifford     USA        
  ORJI Tahiru ... ... location
aka ... ...  

  PENN Thomas Lee *1948 USA 6+
  PENN William *1941   VA
At first, the only similarity between the crimes appeared to be the killer's choice of weapon. In the six weeks ending on May 24, 1966, a half-dozen victims were cut down at random in Richmond, Virginia, their ranks including male and female, black and white. It would require an error by a boastful gunman for police to crack the case, and they would nearly lose a seventh victim in the process. [ReadOn]

  PETERSON Christopher Dwayne *1968   USA 7+
  HARRIS Ronald J. *1969    
1990   IN

  PLEIL Rudolf   +1958/02/.. GERMANY 25+
  HOFFMANN Karl *1914    
  SCHUESSLER Konrad *1928    
1946 1950
Rudolf Pleil made an unlikely-looking monster. Fat and jovial, he radiated charm and a disarming sense of humor, worming his way into the confidence of the women who became his victims. None would see the darker side in time to save themselves, but it existed all the same, concealed within a man who called himself Germany's "champion death-maker." [ReadOn]

  RANES Danny A.     USA
  RANES Larry Lee    

  ROBINSON Alonzo ... ... USA ... ... ... 3+
  WITHERS George ... ... ...
1995 1998 ...
Verdict/Urteil: 8 years (WITHERS); 10-30 years (ROBINSON)
These men formed a unit designed solely to apprehend and prosecute Alonzo Robinson and an associate, George Withers, when they noticed a pattern in a series of violent crimes, all involving extensive facial disfigurement of the victims. [ReadOn]

  RUIZ Paul *1948 +1997/01/08 USA 6
  DENTON Earl Van *1950   AR

  SACH Amelia *1873 +1902 UK ... ... ... ?
  WALTERS Annie   +1902 London
aka Finchley Baby Farmers 1890s 1902  
Verdict/Urteil: Death by Hanging
no pict

Annie Walters and Amelia Sach, the "Finchley Baby Farmers" became the first women to be hanged in the new women's prison at Holloway on the 3rd of February 1903 by William Billington and Henry Pierrepoint. Previously female executions in London had been carried out at Newgate prison. [ReadOn]

  SANTOS Carlos Alberto     Serial Killer BRAZIL ... ... ... ...
  GOMES Amailton      
aka 1994 1995 Sao Paolo
News on Serial Killers Carlos Alberto SANTOS & Amailton GOMES
no pict

  SHERMANTINE Wesley Howard     USA ... ... ... 4-24
  HERZOG Loren Joseph     ... ... ...
 Serial Killer Loren Joseph HERZOG
On March 23, 1999, prosecutors in Stockton, California charged Loren Joseph Herzog -- one of the men accused of kidnapping and killing 25-year-old Cyndi Vanderheiden -- with four additional counts of murder, bringing possible closure to a string of unsolved killings dating back to 1984. [ReadOn]

  SITHOLE Moses     SOUTH AFRICA ... ... ... 38+
  SELEPE David      

A surprisingly intelligent and gentle mannered Moses Sithole is allegedly South Africa's worst serial killer. The suspected Gauteng serial killer, Sithole was charged in the Pretoria Supreme Court with 38 charges of murder, 40 charges of rape and six of robbery. Between 1994 and 1995 he allegedly strangled women in the Pretoria, Johannesburg and East Rand areas. [ReadOn]

  SMITH Harold Glenn *1966   USA ... ... ... 4
  CRAVEY Michael Gene *1967   TX
  RIVERA Shannon      
  TOSH Martin Wayne      
  TRIMMER John-Michael Alexander      
On August 14, 1985, police in Houston were summoned to the Rest Haven Cemetery, where the custodian had found a young man's mutilated body. Identified as 19-year-old Dennis Medler, the victim had been savagely tortured before death, beaten and slashed with knives, one eye gouged from its socket, his hair burned down to the scalp and his teeth hammered out. [ReadOn]

  SPESIVTSEV Lyudmilla     RUSSIA 19+
  SPESIVTSEV Alexander "Sasha"     Siberia
1991 1997  
In a one man crusade to cleanse modern Russia from the permissiveness of democracy, Sasha Spesivtsev, 27, killed at least 19 street children who he saw as the detritus of society. Inexplicably, with the help of his mother, he also cooked and ate them. [ReadOn]

  TABORSKY Joseph L. *1924   USA 7
  CULOMBE Arthur *1923   CT
1951 1955  

In 1951, at age 27, Joseph Taborsky was convicted and sentenced to die for the holdup-murder of Louis Woolson, a liquor store proprietor in west Hartford, Connecticut. Taborsky's accomplice -- and the chief witness against him -- was his brother Albert, sentenced to a term of life imprisonment for his participation in the crime. [ReadOn]

  THOMPSON Robert     UK ... ... ... 1
  VENABLES Jon      

  VAMPIRE CLAN     USA ... ... ... ...
  FERRELL Rodrick J. *1980/03/28   KY
  KEESEE Charity L. *1980/09/12    
  ANDERSON Howard S. *1979/12/18    
  COOPER Dana L. *1977/04/08    
aka ... ...  

For years, this quiet college town was perhaps best known as home of the national Boy Scout museum. Now it is newly notorious, and its residents increasingly afraid, with the discovery that some of its teens belonged to a vampire cult. The news that four area teen-agers are suspected of beating a Florida couple to death was frightening enough. [ReadOn]

  WAGNER Robert     AUSTRALIA ... ... ... 10+
  BUNTIN John Justin      
  HAYDON Mark Ray      
WAGNER Robert 

In what's become Australia's worst serial murder case, police said they have found the remains of ten people -- eight in vats of corrosive chemicals in a deserted bank vault, and two buried in a suburban backyard of a house once occupied by one of the suspects. [ReadOn]

  WAGNER Waltraud     AUSTRIA ... ... ... 300+
  MAYER Stefanija     Vienna
  LEIDOLF Irene      
  GRUBER Maria      
aka Todesschwestern von Lainz, Death Angels of Lainz    
Verdict/Urteil: Waltraud WAGNER Life (15 murders, 17 attempts of murder); Irene LEIDOLF Life (5 murders, 2 attempts of murder); Stephanija MAYER 15 years (1 murder 2nd degree, 7 attempts of murder); Maria GRUBER 15 years (2 attempts of murder)
WAGNER Waltraud  MAYER Stefanija 

In 1989 Waltraud WAGNER and three auxiliary nurses of Vienna´s Lainz hospital confessed on killing more than 40 elderly patients. WAGNER, of "divine" patience and never weak, invented the method, the accomplices called "mouth care": [ReadOn]

  WARDLAW Virginia     USA ... ... ... 3
  MARTIN Caroline Wardlaw     South
  SNEYD Mary Wardlaw      

  YORK George     USA        
  LATHAM James D. ... ... GA
aka ... ...  
Urteil: Death by Hanging / Tod durch den Strang
John LATHAM (19) of Mauriceville (TX) and George YORK (18) of Jacksonville (FL) were headline makers in May and June of 1961. They were among the first modern serial killers to attract nationwide attention. [ReadOn]

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